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                                                     ( Kaka Hatharasi with Prithvi Raj Kapoor )
Kaka Haathrasi ( 1906-1995)

Prabhu Lal Garg better known as” Kaka Haathrasi’ , was a familiar name in our family . My cousins who grew up with me were also familiar with this man and his poetry . I was his fan follower since childhood .His books and poems kept us entertained . I would read all these poems to my brothers , sisters and cousins . Everybody would be delighted to listen to his poems . Kaka ‘s satire on political leadership was matured and sharp. His humour evolved from our households . Listening to these poems , you immediately identified with his subjects, content and satire. He was a writer, poet, musician, musicologist, actor and a fine painter.
I had always wanted to see him. That could never be so though he visited Kashmir four times. His poetic satire is ever relevant .
Lines from his sample poems are ..
(Saare Jahaan Se Achha Hindostaan Hamaara )
Choron va goos-khoron par note barastay hain
Imaan ke mussafir ration ko tarastay hain
Voter se vote lekar woh kar gaye kinaara
Saare jahaan se achha Hindostaan hamaara
Zevar udda ke beta Mumbai ko bhaagtaa hai
Zero hai Kin-tu khuud ko hero se naapataa hai
Studio mein ghussnay pe gorkhe ne maara
Saare jahaan se achhaa Hindostaan hamaara
Kaka’s satire on Names ..
Naam roop ke bheid par kiya kabhi hai gaur
Naam mila kuchh aur to shaql Aql Kuchh aur
Shaql aql kuchh aur nain sukh dekhe kaane
Babu Sunder Lal banaaye ainchak taane
Vidhyadhar ko bhains baraabar kaala akshar
‌Munshi Chandaa Lal ka taarkol sa roop
Shyam Lal Ka rang hai jaise khilti dhoop
Kah “Kaka” Ji Jwala Prasaad ji bilkul thanday
Pandit Shanti-Swroop chalaatay dekhe danday
Kaka’s satire on touts and goondas ..
Ration ki dukaan par dekh bhayankar bheed
Queue mein dha’kka maar kar pahunch gaye Balbir
Pahunch gaye Balbir le liya number pehlaa
Khaday reh gaye nirbal booday bachay mahilaa
Kah “Kaka” Kavi kar ke bandh dharam ka maanta
Lala bolay “ bhaago khatam ho gayaa aataa”.
Kaka’s Satire on writing short Names ..
Bolay Kashi Nath zara hum ko batlaana
Donon aankhein hotay huvay likhoon mein “Kaana”
Hindu Ishwar Dutt hain voh likheingay ” Idd”
Lala Leela dhar Ji bun jaayeingay “Leedh”
Ujj-lay Kaanti Lal mintu Kahlaayein “Kaala ”
Pandit Pyare Lal likhay jaayeingay” Pyaala"
Kah Kaka kavi Holi Lal baneigay “Hola "
Babu Chhote Lal likhay Jaayeingay "Chhola"
Jaan boojh kar muft mein kyon hotay badnaam
Utnaa dukh-daayi banay jitnaa lamba naam
Kaka’s Satire on Police
Padaa padaa kya kar raha re moorakh nadaan
Darpan rakh kar saamnay nijj swroop pehchaan
Kotwaal ban jaaye to ho jaaye kalyaan
Maanav ki to kyaa chalay dar jaaye Bhagwaan
Kah Kaka Jis samay karogay dhaaran vardhi
Khud aa jaaye Ae’nth , akka’d sakh’ti bedardi
Shaan maan vyaktitav ka karnaa chaaho vikaas
Gaali denay ka karo nit niymit abhyaas
Nit niymit abhyaas kanth ko kadak banaao
Begunaah Ko Chor Chor ko shaah bataao
Sh T K Jalali ,musician and well known vocalist from Kashmir says this :-

“I would like to acquaint friends to Kakas contribution in popularizing  Indian classical music. His publishing house SANGEET KARIYALAYA HATHRUS published all the  treatises on music, all the  publications of Pt. Bhatkhande and  other scholars which form an important part of the teaching curriculum of music in all the  universities till date. He also brought out a monthly magazine SANGEET  which dealt with all the aspects of music and  was  unique periodical of its kind. The world of music will ever remain indebted to him for his great contribution. May almighty bestow peace to his soul.”
My suggestion to present day young parents is to let children read him.please pass on a book of Kaka Haathrasi to them. They shall appreciate and like it. Yes you may be put to questions as well. And to see a smile on their faces with eyes focused on his poems is simply satisfying . These poems are value addition to knowledge , positive diversion and a great exercise in understanding world around through satire and simple poetic sensitivity .And “ Kaka” is full of humanism and compassion.
( Avtar Mota)
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