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MARIAM FAKHER EL DIN ( 1933-2014 ).

Mariam died on 3rd November 2014. I Missed to write on her . November 2016 remained a hectic and busy period for me.Travel and so many marriages .Though belated , i post this brief write up in her memory .

Egypt was once known as "Hollywood of the orient ". Though Foreign films were screened inside specially created halls in Alexandria and Cairo since beginning of 20th century , Kiss in the Desert (Qublah fel Sahara), directed by Ibrahim Lama, was the first full-length feature film produced in Egypt, in 1927. Egyptian Cinema gave some iconic singers ,Musicians and actors like Um Kulthum, Farid el Atrash, Abdel Halem, Layla Murad, Asmahan , Sabah , Faten Hamama, Nour El Sheriff , Omar sheriff ,Rushdy Abaza ,Shadia , Mariam Fakher El Din and many more to the Arab world.

MARIAM FAKHER EL DIN ( 1933- 2014 ).

Mariam Fakher El Din ( 1933-2014 ) was a renowned Egyptian Actress . Born to an Egyptian father and a Hungarian Mother, she was a stunningly beautiful face of Egyptian cinema . Mariam acted in about 230 films. In entire Arab world , she was known as “ Husna Al Shasha ” Beauty of the Screen “.

Educated in Germany , Mariam was fluent in Arabic, Hungarian, English, German, French and Italian. Her first film ‘A NIGHT OF LOVE ’ ( 1951) which, like most of her movies, was of the romantic genres of the fifties and sixties and Her Last Movie was “WHATEVER LOLA WANTS” ( 2007 ). Inspite of many offers to move to Hollywood , She confined herself to Egyptian Cinema .Her Brother , Youssef Fakhr El din ( 1935-2002 ) was also a highly acclaimed actor of Egyptian Cinema .

She won the title of “the Most Beautiful face” for her Looks when she appeared on cover page of French Magazine Image . In Egypt, She was named as “Princess of Romance “.

Although Mariam looked liberal through her cinema image ,In real life,  she would respect the social, religious and traditional limits for her as a woman. She had glamour , talent yet profound commitment for social  values.
In an Interview Mariam has said :

“ I hate bloodshed and wars . Humanity is not meant for that . Once I was accompanying my mother and brother to watch a Hollywood film.. I cried at scenes of war and death. My Mother had to explain to me that it was all false and not a reality, the hero who died in this film, may marry and live happily in another films.”

'The more simple you are the more you get understood.. The red, green and blue, all this stuff, the makeup and plastic surgeries.. destroys the picture which God created in us! .'I am against face lifting as the wrinkles which occur by age is a reality which is far better than anything a plastic surgeon would add!'

'I was raised by a strict Christian Mother, and a strict Moslem Father.'

'I would like people to know Mariam as a person rather than Mariam the actress! My son once attended an interview with me, he was asked to comment on my work, he answered "The only Mariam I know is the Mother who cooks and folds vine leaves!"

“Since my mother was of Hungarian origin, she had a special way in bringing me up, for example when I came to ask her for pocket money, like my colleagues at school, she would ask me what I wanted to do with this pocket money, I would simply answer her that I would love to buy Coca-Cola just like other girls do, she would then answer me that pocket money is considered burglary, she would further explain that money is given in return to work, and that if I would iron my school uniform for example, she would then give me the money instead of the ironer. I became the professional ironer in my home. Sometimes, if I needed to have more money I would ask my father to take off his shirt to iron it, even if already ironed and does not need ironing. “

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