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                                    ( SHASHI KAPOOR  AND KRISHNA JI  )

Actor Shashi kapoor and Mrs Krishna Raj kapoor …At Prithvi Theatres Mumbai 2013…..

Adds Kunal kapoor…

"My dad was a very good actor who did not look at acting in terms of stardom. And then came the 70s when cinema was commercialised and it was all about stardom and money then. That is why my father turned producer. He was dissatisfied with the work he was doing and decided to make better films."

"My mom and dad were very close. He was 18 when he first met her. There are few people who experience genuine love and those who do, don't recover. It's been 28 years since she died but I don't think dad ever completely recovered after her death. She died when she was 50 and he was 46. He could have remarried but for him that was not an option. They were soulmates. Every relationship has its share of problems but their connection was rare and unusually strong."

“ Dad ( Shashi kapoor )  had a lot of medical complications. He had a bypass, a couple of strokes, he is on dialysis, he has been through a lot . We have a good nursing staff. He is being well looked after." He is a recluse and warms up only when he sees his family and grand kids. He has difficulty speaking and so, does not talk much.”

 I am informed that Shashi ji   talks very little and meets fewer people now. He is being moved on a wheel chair and his children take close ,  keen and continuous interest in his medical treatment and welfare .

 Shashi kaoor’s   hand impression  was needed  at a function inside Prithvi Theatre and  his   family   decided to give this honour to  Krishna ji ( Wife of late Raj kapoor ) . Though herself  unwell, krishna ji  was too pleased to do the needful.   Looking at her mother like Aunt , Tradition bound Shashi  Kapoor   wanted to touch her feet but could not do so from his wheel chair . He repeatedly tried to get up and do it and finally Krishna Ji had to stop him and console him .  That brought tears in his eyes .  Krishna ji  too  turned sad  . 

                              ( KRISHNA JI CONSOLING SHASHI KAPOOR )

 Shashi Kapoor  had always treated Krishna ji  as his mother. And  and Krishna ji never differentiated between her own children  and Shashi  .


Prithvi Raj kapoor had named this handsome young child as "Balbir Raj Prithviraj  Kapoor ".

To conclude , I add a couplet of Jigar Moradabaadi....

"vahii hai Zindagi lekin "Jigar" yeh Haal hai apnaa
ke jaissay Zindagi se Zindagi Kam Hotii Jaati Hai
........Meray Hissay Ki Goya har Khushi Kam Hotii Jaati hai..."


“O Jigar “  Same is    your Existence ,
Unchanged  yet on a   different stage ,
As if , Life moves away from  Life ,
more and more   gradually..
 As if , My share to receive  happiness,   becomes lesser and lesser  Gradually ."

( Autar Mota )


Shashi Kapoor acted in about 160 movies  out of which  12 were  in English and 148  in Hindi . He learnt acting skills  from his father Prithvi Raj Kapoor with who’s Theatre Group  he kept  travelling as a member (  as Child artist )  across the length and Breadth of the country .

 At the age of 18,  he  met his wife Jennifer Kendal   when Geoffrey Kendal ( Jennifer 's father ) brought  “Shakespeareana “ ,  a  Traveling Theatre Group  to Calcutta . Incidentally “ Prithvi Theatres “ had also to perform at the same venue . When Shashi saw Jennifer for the first time , she  was playing “ Miranda “ in “ The Tempest “  produced by  her father's troupe . It was a love at first sight .Shashi started touring with  Geoffrey’s troupe. They met in  1956 and in 1958, this romance blossomed into a marriage . 
They proved a made for each other pair; Attached and committed to each other  . Kunal , Sanjana and Karan Kapoor , their children are well settled in life . Presently Shashi kapoor's  children take  keen interest in  managing   “Prithvi Theatres”.  Out of sheer passion and fierce commitment , Shashi kapoor’s children have ensured the survival of   the loss-making  “Prithvi Theatre”.

In films , Shashi kapoor  carried the reputation of a  perfect Gentleman. He won two Filmfare Best Movie Awards for his work as producer and star of Junoon (1979) and Kalyug (1981).  

In films ,He remained second highest paid actor for quite sometime .

 After Prithivi Raj  kapoor and Raj kapoor , He is  the third member from kapoor Clan to win Coveted Dada Saheb Phalke Award (  2014 ) . He has also been honoured with prestigious  Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2011.

. After his wife Jennifer died of cancer in 1984, Shashi started taking fewer roles in  films  and  began getting Health problems .

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