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Scholar Extraordinary..Dr K N Pandita. ( Born 1929 ).

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Authority on Central Asian Culture, linguistics and History. Dr Pandita is a renowned Persian Scholar , Author , Translator and Historian.

Dr. Pandita hails from Baramulla , a town completely devastated in 1947 by Tribal raiders from across the Border . His family was also killed by the marauding raiders in gruesome violence.


The footnotes to the pages of " Baharistaan e Shashi" that he translated from Persian to English , are an ample proof of his knowledge, scholarship and study.


He lived in Iran for 4 years to complete his Ph.D. from University of Teheran and where he was a favourite student of  Prof zabihollah safa ( 1911-1999) a scholar of international repute.  Dr Pandita.. remained Director of Centre of Central Asian Studies in University of Kashmir where from he retired in 1987. He is held in highest esteem by various Central Asian Academies / Universities. 

                              ( Dr.Zabihollah  safa )
He has closely worked with so many scholars from Central Asia more specifically from Tajikistan.
His travelogue titled "My Tajik Friends" earned him the coveted Soviet land Nehru Award 1987.

Some prominent works of Dr. Pandita are:

1. Baharistan-i-Shahi, A Chronicle of Mediaeval Kashmir (translated from Farsi) 
2. Avicenna – An Introduction
3. Iran and Central Asia
4. Ladakh, life and culture (edited)
5. Hafiz of Shiraz (Urdu)
6. Tohfatul Ahbab, ( English translation of a 17th century history of Kashmir .)

Dr. Pandita has authored innumerable research articles that have been published in many foreign journals . He has also attended so many  international seminars and conferences  at different places in the world.
Saw him after many years at a marriage function today. My Best wishes for his long life and good health .
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