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Enjoy 5 views of water chestnuts ( GHOUR ) being sold in kashmir . Kashmiris enjoy them a lot . I have written a good story on this product possibly in my post on Wular Lake .These water chestnuts are procured from Dal , Manasbal and wular lakes . Presently we have another variety of chestnuts( Punjabi Ghour ) grown on Trees . They are being liberally consumed these days . You find them on footpaths being roasted on Charcoal. Sold at Rs200/= per Kg, this Autumn variety of chestnuts is sweet to taste . one view of this Autumn Chestnut variety has also been uploaded .
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Taaliey Peuth Balai Ti Yim GindBaashai

Chirvinai Dhol Tai YirVinay Naav .

Achhi Vaaleyan Hai Asihai Gaashiy

“Telei Kyazih Raavihey Kahan Gaav.”

Chhaalun Gav Nund reshi Sundh Chhalun

Gaalun Paarud Chapun Naar

Nafasuk Muss Hostaa Mudh Vaalun

“Chhalun Chhuy Mandinein Gatkaar”

(Ghulam Nabi Khayal)

The Devil on thy head and this childish behaviour .

Disaster hails and hell opens its gates for thee O Ignorant !.

O God give vision to those whom thee giveth eyes!

Should it be so , Men would not drift apart !

Patience is another name of Nunda Reshi of Kashmir

Patience is like melting mercury and consuming Fire .

O Ignorant control Thy elephant like desires ,

Patience is like embracing darkness at Noon.

( Translation a k mota )

Gh Nabi Khayal is a journalist and leading Kashmiri poet . His Book Gaashir Munaar won him Sahitya Academy award.

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