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"Mr Parvaiz from Asian Age is coming today to see how Our muslim brethern from Rainawari are actually helping us in repairs of the old and historic shiva temple . Can you come over for half an hour ?" said a voice on the phone to me . It was Mr Bushan lal jalaji orginally a resident of Rainawari now associated with newly formed Shiv Ji temple Welfare committee Rainawari .

I was tempted to join him. In this Shiva Temple ( BOAD MANDHAR ), i had spent many memorable evenings sitting on the steps leading to the canal Ghat ( MAAR )and watching shikara laden tourist going to Nageen lake . Women , men . young girls and boys sitting on small roofless boats called DEMB NAAV would paddle their way with vegetable , household items or weeds of Dal Lake . Some would say "MEEMI Salaam " to women tourists in Shikaras . My friends from Rainawari especially Mohd Yaqoob Mir , Zahoor Shair ,Neelamber Mattoo ,Autar Krishen Jalali, Ashok Kaw and many more were always there sitting on steps of the Canal Ghat . we would also look at the beauty of the house owned by a Mattoo family just opposite the temple . Our seniors would tell us that the movie Ek Musaafir Ek Haseena was shot in this area only . In fact Joy Mukerjee had also visited the temple and given 100 rupee note to the pujari of the temple in those days.The water in the canal ( MAAR )near the temple was neat and clean at that time . I learnt my swimming in this canal ( MAAR ) only . Later i also saw Gopi nath Ji, noted singer, singing kashmiri songs and Bhajans in the temple compound in his Melodious voice. A good number of his listeners were local muslims .Pandit Pitamber Nath Ji ( Pitah Kaak )used to teach Bhahgwat Geeta to girls and and boys in one of the rooms of the temple. Muslim Boys would join the Janam Ashtami Celebrations of this temple .The inside walls of the temple had exquisite painted images of Shiva in various poses of TANDAVA. I was once told by late Sh Predimen Krishen Wattal of Rainawari that he personally saw Lata Mangeshkar visiting the temple on her way to Nageen lake ( in a Shikara) . Late Sh Sri Kanth kak ( I A S ) the then controller Tawaza and Director Tourism had also confirmed to me that V S Naipaul had also visited this temple in early sixties when he stayed in kashmir for about 6 months. In fact his novel cum Travelogue AREA OF DARKNESS is full about stories connected with this area of the city .Naipaul had met Kak Sahib twice for renewal of some permit of the House Boat owner from Dal Lake wherein he was staying . Kak sahib was younger brother of Late Radha krishen Kak Senior Journalist and special correspondent Indian Express. They lived in Naidyaar area of Rainawari and later Radha Krishen Ji had shiifted to Residency Road Quarters mostly occupied by Journalists in those days . My friend Aijaz ahmed had his wood Carving Shop cum showroom a little opposite the temple near the Jogi lanker bridge ( Gh Hassan And Sons, Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Walnut Wood Carving Items ) .Rainawari had a pluralistic Society with residents well intermixed and interdependent sharing joys and sorrows of each another .

The temple gates have been opened after a gap of 20 long years . Mr Bushan lal Jalali , Mr Kishore Mattoo , Mr Maharaj Krishen Pandita , Mr B L chowdhary assisted by local Muslims of Rainawari are determined to put the temple in shape .

" Now that these young men from Rainawari have taken it to themselves to bring the old glory back to this temple , we shall help them in all possible ways " said Bashir Ahmed a local resident .

"We shall not allow them to stop the repairs work . The temple has to come to old glory " said Mohd subhan a shopkeeper of Rainawari.

"I also see that the labourers do their work sincerely as these Pandit brethern are employed and can not come daily to supervise the work. I have told them that they can come at their will. Inshallah old glory shall come to Rainawari."
said another shopkeeper .
" With the cooperation and support of our Muslim brethern from Rainawari , we believe that we shall complete the extensive repairs to this temple complex before the snow fall . Frankly speaking local shopkeepers are giving us liberal credit but they are to be repaid . we have acute shortage of funds. Donations from Pandits in srinagar are insufficient . We have opened an acount in SBI under no 30854632231 under the name and style of Shiv Ji Temple welfare committee Rainawari. We are now requesting every old resident of rainawari to help us out in this cause .I am personally thankful to the Muslim brethern of this area for their support . See for yourself how Happy they feel to see the repairs work progressing ." said Mr Busan lal Jalali an old resident of Rainawari and presently associated with this Temple welfare committee. Enjoy the views of this old temple undergoing repairs at present .


  1. This is good news!

    Thanks for the great article!

    I always thought 'hamko tumhaare ishq ne kya kya bana diya' most beautifully captured the beauty of Srinagar.

  2. Dear Mota JI,
    Wonderful symbol of communal harmony and projection of the cause,
    Thanks a lot
    jalali bl

  3. what shop has aijaz got??
    sorry i ask you this, but aijaz ahmed if its aijaz ahmed baghwan, then i know him. :) i want to know what shop he has..

  4. it is not aijaz ahmed bagwan. aijaz ahmed had a family shop of woodcarving at jogilanker bridge.

  5. This a very good initiative. I had my maternal house ( matamal) in rainawari ( Sh. Shyam Lal Beera) and have a lot of good fond memories of the baod mandir. I appreciate Jalali sahib and all the others involved to get the mandir reconstructed.

    Its a moral duty of all us to donate for the temple and do what ever in our small means to do for the motherland and its glorius past.Hope fully will be able to motivate other fellow pandit brethren to donate.

    I came to know of the initiative through Koshur Samachar, but i think putting the link for this website on social networking sites likes Facebook and Orkut should help us strengthen the cause.Request you to please permit me to do that in principle !

    Ashish Kaul

  6. Mota Sahib,
    Communal harmony at its best. We must supplement their efforts by contributing generously to the cause and make this a monument for others to envy.

  7. Thanx haku sahib . Thanx Ashish Ji . You may cnnect as you say to social networking site .

  8. For Mr. Ashish Kaul,
    Thanks for your keeness to contribute. Please go ahead and let us know if we can facilitate. Lookinf forward for yous support.

    jalali bl

  9. Dear Jalali Sahib,

    It was so nice to talk to you today. This is a wonderful work that you and motivated people like you have taken upon themselves. I must say, we are proud of you all.
    Have been able to get some cheques and god willing will be able to collect some more in a couple of days. I will make sure that all of them are handed to you in Srinagar / or deposited in the bank asap.
    Thank You Autar Ji, a visit to your site has become a daily routine now. Please complete the write up on Srinagar schools.

  10. Just maiking two toilets does it says the temple is renovated....... i have clicked a clip on 31.10.2009 and the link is on you tube... please check the link

  11. I have seen your video on youtube . Good work . who says the temple is renovated . Please read the last Para of the post carefyully. Funds are the major problem with Mr Bushan jalali and others who are undertaking the job with the active cooperation of local muslims .One room is partly constructed.all debris collected for the l;ast 20 years has been removed. The temple is to be fenced from one side . Toilets are to be made usable . I presume you contacted Mr jalali in Kashmir . He is availble on mobile no 09906086538

  12. dear SASVIJAY ji

    i spoke to Shri Bushan jalali and others connectred with temple renovation today. You should have met them when u visited Rainawari. I have given incorrect No of Jalali Sahib .It is 09419186088. I regret the error . I wish you spoke to muslim shopkeepers and SHO Police station Rainawari as well who are all helping Jalai Sahib and the team. One room where Pandit Pita Kak used to teach Bhagwat Geeta is almost Ready . I wish you were there on the day when gates of the temple were opened for the first time after 20 years . How Happy the muslims were was to be seen on that day. Mr Jalali and his team are possibly hurt with your belittling their efforts .What They need is funds at the moment to complete the task before the onset of winter and the snow fall. Kindly speak to them and to Kishore Mattu 09419200743 and the shopkeepers should you visit Rainawari again . Pl do visit with them. This is a collective effort in good direction.

  13. I think Mr vijaysas has not personally visited the temple complex and is misleading others by trying to have attention on *youtube*. He has ignored (intentionally or unintentionally) to say about the construction/renovation of two rooms which are ready to live in minus drinking water facility for which the SHIVJI TEMPLE WELFARE COMMITTEE is following up with the government vigorously not withstanding the disappointing statement of Shri Sas. So I request vijaysas ji to call on me on my cell no: 9419186088 so that I can show him the realty or give me his contact number .


  14. i want a help for my native place siva temple for the reconstruction of the temple please help us to renovate the old shiva temple in kerala thrissur district name is aravimangalam sivatemple .Our contact number is 9446937610, 04884225387

  15. Dear all,Is it possible to contact Ali Mohammad Sagar,he will get it done without any problem.


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