Monday, October 5, 2009


In one of my posts , while commenting on the poetry of Pakistani poetess Parveen Shakir , I had also introduced a name Farrugh Farrokhzod . This lady from Iran was a terrific poetess. Very Sensitive, Modern and like Parveen Shakir, essentially writing on issues concerning women , their hopes , desires , expectations , male domination and pain and anguish in love . I believe that even when you Put barriers of race , religion ,culture , language or forms of governance ; Nothing stops good thoughts to travel. They fly like birds of free sky. Good thought are like bottle loads of perfume thrown in air . Can any one put the morning breeze in boundaries ? The intellect demands Liberty of thought and communication with fellow Human beings . It pierces the steel gates and ignites fires in glaciers . It boldly declares that none can stop it from passionate engagement with humanity . Humanity, that is free of the divisions of race , religion or colour.

My purpose to write above lines was to build a background for introduction of FARUGH FARROKHZOD renowned Iranian Film maker and Poetess . Like Albert camus , she too died in a car accident in Tehran in 1967 at a very young age .Born to a Military officer , she was married to Perviz Shahpour an acclaimed theatre personality of Iran and the marriage lasted only two years. I read some of her poems in translation from original Persian . The translations are by Farzanah Milani and Girdhard Tikku. Faiz wrote on her death and so did Pablo Neruda write a poem on her death.Ali Sardar Jafri too had some meetings with this great modern poetess of Iran. For you to enjoy i have uploaded some lines from her two poems .In one of her poems she she lodges a protest with Poetry . Here go the lines

O Poetry - blood thirsty Goddess .
You seem quite oblivious of the sufferings you have inflicted
Upon your followers .
Once you had instilled your love in them,
You tore them apart from every thing .
Other than two tearful eyes ,

In another poem concerning a woman's expectations and male demands she adds

He wants wine and bidding kisses from me ,
How can i deny his waiting lips ?
He thinks of pleasure alone ,
Unaware of my search for the eternal,
I want from him sincerity of love
to sacrifice my whole existence .

So Today this great poetess from Iran along with some views of the valley of shephards known as Pahalgham. Pahalgham is a hill station of kashmir about 85 kms from srinagar city .Lidder river flows through this picturesque hill resort . Perched in the lap dense pine forests , Pahalgham is the base camp for annual Amar Nath Pilgrimage . Two valleys , very beautiful and capitivating are close by to this station . one known as ARU and the other as BETAAB valley . While ARU is about 12 kms from Pahalgham , BETAAB is just 7 kms on CHANDANWARI road .River rafting , horse rides and trekking in lower Himalays are other attractions of this hill resort..

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  1. Mota Sahib,
    Sheperds take cattle to the higher altitudes in Pahalgam to graze during summers. You must have seen some of them . Please do comment on their lives with photographs.

    How terrific and forceful the lines from Farrugh's poem about man-woman relationship and how right. The world is poorer without her.

  2. thanks . i shall put up a post on gujjars


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