Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We did not know when spring came , summer ended and Autumn knocked our doors over here. The Chinars were the first to whisper the arrival of Autumn.Watch them in gardens , on roads , in hotels , in parks and on the majestic bund of river jhelum. They are engaged in changing colours , shedding their leaves and going naked like a Faquir. Perhaps declaring " Come winter , we Faquirs shall embrace thee ."To me the seasons changed so fast that we just kept looking as to what happened .

Neend bhi khulii na thii ki haay dhoop dhhal gayii,
paanv jab talak uthein ki zindagii phisal gayii,
paat paat jhhar gaye ki shaakhh-shaakhh jal gayii,
chaah to nikal sakii na,
par umar nikal gayii,
Geet ashk ban gaye,
chhand ho dafan gaye,
saath ke sabhi diye
dhhuaan-dhhuaan pehan gaye,
Aur hum jhhuke-jhhuke,
Mod par ruke-ruke,
Umr ke chadhhaav ka utaar dekhte rahe
kaarwaan Guzar gayaa,
Gubaar Dekhte Rahe !

( Pandit Gopal Das Neeraj )

I have heard Neeraj ji sing this soulful poem in a Kavi Sammelan in Delhi.This poem was sung by Rafi Sahib in a movie Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal.Neeraj is a hindi and urdu poet from Kanpur who wrote some beautiful lyrics for films as well. This is a very powerful poem depicting unrealized dreams of a man in the background of fleeting time.


  1. Autumn views has brought vividly back memories of my childhood to haunt me and make the pain of seperation from the motherland more severe. U must have heard that song from film Kaubliwala "tere daman se jo aye un hawaoon ko salaam, aye wattan aye mere bichde wattan tujh ko salaam.Poverty in Kashmir has been all prevailing in the past and we would move early in the morning with big bags to collect the red chinar leaves for making coal for kangris for winter when my father was serving at Baramulla. This must be the 60s . What an age it was!

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