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Don't be surprised if you are subjected to thermal screening when you  enter the bride 's house as a member of the Baraat( very limited number) accompanying the bridegroom. You need to wear a mask , maintain social distancing,no hugs, no handshakes and above all rush back as early as you can. There is no music and no dancing. Don't be misled to rush to a stall that looks like a busy ice-cream counter; it may turn out to be a hand sanitization   stall. You may be subjected to spray sanitization at the entry. No one object. None argues .The marriage hall, the Pandal ,the  Shamiyana ,the Lagan place ,the Baraaat give a Khaali Khaali look during this Corona period. Happiness and the celebration mood is nowhere to be seen now.  Every person is a stranger. Every person is a suspect.Every other person could be an asymptomatic spreader. The bride, the bridegroom and the limited number of relatives or friends joining this event are wearing masks . Who shall  interact with whom ? 

When shall life come to its normal pace ?
And poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was right when he said:-

Bedam huve beemar dawa kyon nahin detay
Tum kaise masiha ho shifa kyon nahin detay

( Avtar Mota)

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