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                      ( Poet Farooq Nazki )
                                (Sathbaran )


Azalaai loluk yi  dastuur
Aashaq Maashoqas nishi dhoor
Kunn zonn vaeti vaeti pheraan chhus,
Dil chhum hairaan acch benoor..
Daedh  panien masharaavin peim
Az yeli tseti vuchhmakh Majboor..
Assi kaer kooshish laazim ouss
Aassi khodaayas kyah manzoor..

Yeli naav pretchhi yina naav vanakh
Khor taam ratti yina naav vanakh..
Su chhu zaanith  maanith laagaan Dol
Vishvaas diyi yina naav vanakh..
Gulfaam vani dildaar vani
Taareef kari yina naav vanakh..
'Farooq' chhu tas hanni hanni vaaqif
Asraar vani  yina naav vanakh..
Chhum na hamsoos kyaazi traavith tsol..
Chhum me hamsoos jalwa haavith tsol..
Darad baagiik golaab putchnaavith,
Laala jigras me daag thaavith tsol..
Bewafaai Karen vafadaaran
Manzilas taam vaata-naavith   tsol
 Naara kadalas taraan taraan vuchhnas
Myon jabroot aazmaavith tsol..

Simple English rendering 

From the beginning ,it has been love's tradition,
a lover is destined to be away from his beloved .
Alone and aimless, I move  on these paths ,
My eyes  see darkness and surprise all over.
What else  can  I do except forgetting my own sorrows, 
when I find you too helpless today ?
I had to try , that was necessary as well,
now  god willing , let me see what happens.

 When he asks for your name,
never ever reveal it.
He may even touch your feet,
reveal not your identity to him.
Wilfully ,he plays ignorant,
he may put trust in you ,
reveal not your identity to him.
He may address you as Gulfaam or Dildaar,
even praises he may shower ,
reveal not your identity to him.
'Farooq' knows his ins and outs,
He may confide a secret ,a mystery ,
reveal not your identity to him.


No regret for his leaving me and moving away,
My regret is why he appeared to show me his face and move away.
Tearing apart every petal from the roses of this garden of pain,
he chose to give a wound to the  Gul e Lala that this heart was .
The committed broke every commitment
and moved away after we arrived  together at the destination.
He saw me crossing the bridge on fire
Yet he   chose to move away testing my magnificence..

Reading......Shall post more shortly..

( Avtar Mota)..


What is Sathbaran? 

Close to Lashtyal village near Kalaroos  in Kupwara district of Kashmir ,  there is a mammoth carved stone called Sathbaran. The stone is engraved with seven doors and people call it Sath Barr (in local parlance) which means seven doors. These doors open for  three old and ancient  caves. Could be copper mining caves in ancient times. Some people believe that Sathbaran could be a temple built by Pandavas during their exile. Local people also believe that the caves can lead to Russia .  . People are demanding to declare Sathbaran caves as a heritage site.

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