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Quite often ,when my mother would get up from her bed in the morning ,she would say to herself:-

" Aava gaash. Khaer assi kyaah chhus duen.Amiss  chha sakh jaldi . Zan gayas naava neerith. Ba kya vanas beyi"

( Has the dawn arrived again?   For us, it has brought nothing. I don't know why this dawn is always in a hurry to arrive . What more should I say about it.) 

These lines have always been a mystery to me . I wrote a three line poem on this issue .Here is my mini poem...

" Kochan manz raatas gayi pakka pakk,
Kan dith Darein Tal aess rooedh...
Hutie aav Kus taam guv kot-taamath,
bur dieth haavas apamreit mooedh...
Van sa Kam gayi naava tse neerith,
subahiek gaasho kath gokh booedh..."

(Avtar Mota)

(A night long bustle of footsteps in the lanes,
a night long sitting at the window with ears in wait.....
Someone came this way but then he too moved towards some  unknown destination ,
Alas! the desires within also died an untimely death. 

O morning's light ! Tell me one thing,
' Why do you arrive so hurriedly and quickly ?'
Why so early?
Why this haste?
Tell me)

,(Avtar Mota)

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