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( Ruins of Buddhist Chaitya at Parihasspora ,Kashmir. Parihasspora was a city built by Lalitaditya to save people from recurring floods in river Vitasta. It was laid on a plateau.)
( Ruins of Martand Sun Temple built by Lalitaditya on a plateau near Mattan town in Kashmir)



Chach Nama also known as the Fateh nama Sindh (Story of the conquest of Sindh) , and in Arabic  as Tareekh al-Hind wa a's-Sind   (History of India and Sindh"), is one of the main sources for the history of Sindh  in the seventh to eighth centuries CE. Written in Arabic and later translated into Persian, the Chachnama takes its name from Raja Chach of Sindh, whose son Dahir stood against the Arabs under Mohammad bin Qasim

Chachnama narrates the Arab incursions into Sindh of the 7th-8th centuries AD.Thus it chronicles the Chacha Dynasty's period upto the  Arab conquest of  Sindh by Muhammad Bin Qasim in  8th century A.D. A letter written by Raja Dahir of Sindh finds  place in Chachnama.There is a passage in this letter that makes  mention of  King Lalitadityabof Kashmir . The particular passage reads this:-

" If I had sent against you the King of Kashmir on whose royal threshold  the other  rulers  of Hind had placed their heads, who sways the whole of Hind ,even the countries of Makran and Turan ,whose chains a great  many noblemen and grandees have willingly placed on their knees."

The king of Kashmir referred to here is none other than Lalitaditya.

( Avtar Mota) 

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