Monday, November 2, 2020




I am adding some lines written by me for this photo..

 "Gul e laalan yeli nonn kodd  paan
Makhmael gaasas gayi gooma shraan
Vaavan Kor tas pata pata gyoor
Siriyan bornas beyihan noor
Tsari  haariev  hyotahas vanvun
Kukilev hyot issbandh zaalun
Naenn  draayi az beyi lolach dhagg
Vandha Chen yaaren daya Sundh sagg"

In simple English ,I would say this....

(When the red poppy sprouted itself,

the bashful  velvety grass turned moist ,
the gentle breeze then moved around it,
 and the sun rays added more to its grace .
The sparrows and the summer swallows sang songs to bless it,
the Koels burnt rue seeds to seek heavenly blessings.
Today once more we saw love' feel on display ,
truly, in winter, the jungle trees are nursed by the lord himself. )



 (Avtar Mota)

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