Monday, November 23, 2020


My new Kashmiri poem " Outsider"..




(Bara-Nebareium  )

"Bar gomut nethanon nanavor
Lobh kuun praraan aur na yor
Waqtan tchheta kornas chikchaav
Hey kas  roshi ta kas kari graav
samayan dopnas doa'dh ma bhaav
Ath manz neraan taemsundh naav
Vaen neerith gayi prath kaanh naav
Vaen kuss gossa ta vaen kossa graav
Vaen Mata vaentov  ' praar tse  praar'
Baeth gayi khaali kuus diyi taar?"

(Avtar Mota)



( The outsider )

(An outsider, naked and barefooted,
waiting aside,
Neither with this group nor with that.
And within him,
time subdued every hope  and all flamboyance,
O friend,  what for and to whom
should we
Complain now?
To us ,time put a restrain on expressing our suffering ,
for the name of our tormentor that appears in that painful story.

Now ,there is neither any complaint
nor any ill feeling either.
Every boat that would carry  us across has departed.
Don't keep telling  "Wait , you wait a little more "

The river banks are deserted ,             
Who will  ferry us  across   now ?)

( Avtar Mota )

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