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On the Sidelines of Afro Asian Film Festival and Writers Meet at Tashkent ,1958...

In this photo i can see ( From L to R ) .. Poet Hafeez Jalandhari,Faiz Ahmed Faiz ,Raj Kapoor, Mukesh ,Hindi writer Yashpal ...Can you identify others ?

In 1952, Hafeez Jalandhari wrote  the  National Anthem of Pakistan . 
'Abhi To Mein Jawaan Huun ' , a popular song sung by Malika Pukhraj  was   written by Hafeez Jalandhari before 1947. 'Apne mun mein preet basa le , preet hai teri reet purani ,bhool gaya O Bharat vale ' was another popular song that Hafeez Jalandhari wrote before 1947 .

 Yashpal was a progressive writer from India . He was a close associate of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh . Yashpal (1903-1976) began to write while serving a life sentence for his participation, as a comrade of Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad. He wrote more than fifty books including collections of short stories, novels, essays, a play and memoirs of his revolutionary days. He was born in Ferozpur ( Punjab ).He belonged to a family of Arya Samajis .

 Written in two volumes, Jhootha Sach novel  is  a monumental work of Yashpal.   The first volume of the novel was published in 1958 under the title Vatan Aur Desh and two years later the second volume Desh Ka Bhavishya completed the novel series.

( Avtar Mota )

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