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 ( Sudh Mahadev Temple in Snow )


We  visited Sudh Mahadev on 22nd October 2018 from our base camp at Patnitop. On my return  , i met a young engineer at Patnitop who was from Sudh Mahadev. He told me something like this :

" I belong to  Sudh Mahadev.  You must have  noticed how fresh ,  dust and pollution free  is the air over there. We have a hospital and almost all  medical facilities  there.  A Bazaar,  abundance  of miilk and locally grown vegetables. We supply  Kadam ( Kohlrabi ) and Kashmiri brinjals to Jammu Sabzi  Mandi. This is a new cash crop for agriculturists in this area.

 We have snow in winters and pleasant summers  due to  winds from surrounding hills  . I mean a fan is all that is needed in summers.

 You must have seen  how tall  Chinars look in Sudh Mahadev  . These Chinars  look as magnificent as they look in the Kashmir valley.

Three Kashmiri Pandit families are living in Sudh Mahadev town.  They have built houses and are happy . There is a Mast Bub Ashram as well. I don't understand why Kashmiri Pandits don't come to this place and live here. It suits them climatically. No heat and dust .

 I have many friends from kashmiri Pandit families in Pune who are always worried about their parents who live alone in Jammu or Delhi and suffer due to heat  and loneliness. It is your state ;   Why not live where you  can be climatically comfortable?

We have mobile and internet connectivity at Par with jammu city in Sudh Mahadev town.

It is the most suitable place for retired people who don't need to be close to job markets or Industrial Hubs. Udhampur is just  80 minutes drive. All trains come to Udhampur now. By  2019  ,four laning of the road from Udhampur to Chenani shall be complete. And we are just 18  kms from Chenani Highway. The road from Chenani to Sudh Mahadev is in perfect shape .

 Sir you must have seen Mantalai. Just 8 kms away from Sudh Mahadev .It is being  developed at full pace presently. Gauri Kund is also close by. In fact , Sudh Mahadev is Shiva's valley  .
Sudh Mahadev is Shiva's abode and kashmiri Pandits are Shaivites.  We have  the oldest Shiva Temple  in Sudh Mahadev . Oldest in entire  Jammu province  built by Raja of Chenani in 5th century.  You must have seen the cast iron  Trishul in the temple. It has engravings  in a language that was popular in Kashmir also. Some people say it is Takri, some call it Kharoshti and some say it is sharda. I don't know but i found similar language in some ancient Shiva Temples in Himachal.

Sir ,i have closes association with Kashmiri  Pandits.  I know how enriching it is to be in their company. I have learnt some fundamental things of life from my Kashmiri Pandit teachers at Udhampur and Jammu. At least honesty  and  truthfulness i  owe to them.  You are a community of educators. "

(Avtar Mota)

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