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By Dr Karuna Goswamy..

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Dr. Karuna Goswamy mentions in her work " Kashmiri Paintings" that during the early years of 20th century, professional itinerant groups of Kashmiri scribes and Painters would wander about in the countryside of the Punjab looking for work. These kaatibs and Mussavirs were undoubtedly kashmiri Pandits.

She got this information after she interviewed Pandit Sthanu Dutt of Haryana : She writes :

"Pandit Sthanu Dutt recalled, in the course of an interview, that in his childhood (at the turn of the 20' century), practically every year, in the Haryana village to which he belonged, group of three or four persons, all Kashmiris, would arrive with little bags, bastas, slung from their shoulder. They would enter the limits of the village and walk through, setting up a shout, like street-hawkers, saying 'katib, katib' (meaning scribes), to announce that the scribes had arrived and were available forexecuting any commission of copying manuscripts. Oc casionally, the group was larger than usual, consisting of four or five persons: the shout that went up then as they entered the village was 'katib mai 'musavvir\ meaning 'scribes together with a painter'. These professionals were offering their talents for the copying of any manuscripts. The fees were negligible. When a client wished a work to be copied either from his own collection or one that he could borrow from a neighbor or local Pandit, he would hand it over to the scribes, after a price had been negotiated for the labour. With this was to be given. Pandit Sthanu Dutt recalled, a quantity of oil for burning the lamps by the light of which, into the night, the scribes kept working. The manuscript was taken to a Serai or inn at the edge of the village where the group stayed. They carried everything with them. Paper, writing instruments, ink, and the like; all the members of the group were trained so that they wrote often through the night, and brought out back the folios they had copied in the morning .The tradition of arrival of
Kashmiri scribes and painters could have been prevailing in the earlier times also."

( Avtar Mota)

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