Friday, November 9, 2018


Capt. S K Tikoo, a regular visitor to Srinagar coffee House  told me this :-

" MF Husain was always looking for his friend and fellow artist  Bansi Parimu as and when he entered India Coffee House, Residency Road,  Srinagar. He  would be seen  around Coffee House as and when he visited Srinagar during summers.  ." Array Captain,   Bansi nahin aaya abhi"  or " O Captain! hasn't Bansi come yet ? ". This is how we started our conversation inside India Coffee  House, Srinagar. He had many issues to talk to Bansi Parimu. He disliked sitting in the hall. He disliked sitting In any gossip Mehfil. May be for cigarette smoke or noise. Can't say the reason but he disliked it. He would pull me out from a gathering inside and say " captain balcony pe chalte hain. Neeche ka nazaara bhi dekhenge. Tum se baat karne mein maza aata hai. Bahut ho gayi art aur culture ki baat " Or  " Come captain , let us go to the balcony . Let us look to the road below .    I enjoy talking to you . Enough of these discussions on art and culture now . "  And he would ask so many questions and seek a reply. One day he suddenly told me " captain zara paper lao. I went inside and brought a cigarette wrapper. He didn't like and asked for paper. I went to Mr Chana , the manager and he gave me a letterhead of India Coffee House.  I went to  Hussain  but he said " no, no yeh nahin bhai. "  Then I tore the portion that had India Coffee House written on it and went back to him. He was waiting and said "okay, okay". He then signed on it  in Urdu, Hindi and English and put date and place . "Yeh sanbhaalo".I thanked him for the unique gift. I lost that precious gift in the blaze and destruction to my  Srinagar house by some  miscreants."
 ( Young Capt.Tikoo with Field Marshal Cariappa)

  And here are three Kashmir specific paintings of Artist MF Husain...

             ( A kashmiri girl)
                   ( A kashmiri couple)
          ( Untitled Kashmir painting)

(Avtar Mota)

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