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(Mobille Photos ..Autar Mota 20th October 2018 )

The lake is about 48 kms if you go via Sidhra -Bajalta route. From Samba -Jammu National Highway, it is about 60 Kms. A beautiful garden has been developed around the lake .

The lake has Boating facilities .You can also feed the fish which are considered sacred and not eaten by local people. Mansar wildlife sanctuary is also close by. Three ancient temples dedicated to Naag Devta( serpent Deity ) , Shiva and Narsimha on the Bank of the lake are a pilgrimage place where locals perform Mundan or first hair cut ritual of their baby ( Zar Kaasai ritual in kashmiri ) . Raja Suchet Singh built a Sarai for Pilgrims over here . In early nineteenth century, Raja Suchet Singh younger brother of Raja Gulab Singh was made the Raja of Bandralta and Samba . He ruled this area from 1822 AD to 1844 AD.

  Close to the Lake, there is one more temple dedicated to goddess Durga .

I was told that at some spots , the depth of the lake is more than 200 feet. Swimming is not allowed over here.

People believe that a circumbulation (Parikarma) around the lake is a must for Newly married couples . According to a popular belief, It keeps them happy and united in their married life.

( Avtar Mota)

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