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"Assi Nazuk Dil De Log Haan
Saada Dil Na Yaar dukhaaya kar….
Na Jhoothay Vaade Kitaa kar
Na Jhoothiyaan Kasmaan Khaaya kar……
Tainu Kinni Vaari Main Akhiyaa aey
Mainu Val Val Na Azmaaya kar……
Teri Yaad De Vich Mein Mar Jaasaan
Mainu Inna Yaad Na Aaya kar"

( Baba Bulle Shah )

My  English rendering  would  be as under........

"We who  carry tender  hearts within
Love , to us, Deliver  not this pain alone ,
Promise us not a lie ,
 Why Swear by  falsehood ?
Do we need to remind this recurrently ?
Put us not to tests  so frequently.
We may die from  your memory only  ,
Be not so  intense  in remembrance........"


" Bas kar Ji Hun Bas Kar ji
Ek Baat Asaan Naal Hans kar Ji

Tussi  Chhupday Ho Asaan Pakkday  ho
Asaan Naal Zulf De Jakkaday Ho
Tussi Ajey Chhupan Toon Takkday Ho
Hun Jaan Na Milda Nas kar ji
................................Bas kar Ji Hun Bas kar Ji

Tussi Dil Vich Meray vassday ho
Avain Sathoon  Door Kyon Nassday Ho
Naalay Ghaat Jadoo  Dil Khassday ho
Hun Teer Lagaaya  kas kar Ji
...................................Bas kar Ji Hun Bas kar ji


My English Rendering would be as under....

  Bring all this to end  ,
  Now end it please…
speak to me  with   Smile  only  ..

While you tried to hide yourself,
I caught you .
 Look , How I  Tied you to my Hair Locks
And you still try to move away  .
This time , never shall I allow you run away .
  Bring all this to end
 Now end it please..

You reside within my heart
Then  how you try to move away from me
My  delight is simply your name on my lips ..
 This time , you shot  a  sharp arrow towards me..
  Bring all this to end ,
Now End  it please"

( Autar Mota )
CHINAR SHADE by Autarmota is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
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