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“ Yaad agar woh Aaye
Aissay kattay tanhaai
Soonay Shehar mein jaissay
Bajnay Lagay shehnaai
Aana ho
Jaana ho
Jaisa bhi zamaana ho
Uttray kabhi na Jo khumaar
Woh pyaare hai.……

Rang Mein Piglay sona
Ang se yuun Russ chhalkay
Jaissay Bajhay Dhun Koyee
Raat Mein Halkay Halkay
Dhoop Mein
Chhaanv Mein
Jhoomti Hawaaon Mein
Har Dum karay Jo Intezaar
Voh Pyaar hai……

Hanstaa Huva Bachpan Voh
Behkaa huva Mausam hai
Chhedo To Ekk Sholaa hai
Chhu Lo to Bas Shabnam Hai
Gaaon Mein
Melay mein
Raah mein
Akelay mein
Aataa Jo Yaad Baar Baar
Voh Pyqaar Hai................

Shokhiyon mein Gola jaaye
Phoolon ka shabaab
Uss mein Phir milaayiJaaye
Thodi si sharaab
Hoga yuun jo Nasha Tayaar
Voh Pyaar hai ….

( Gopal Dass Neeraj )

My English rendering would be….

If you remember  it ,
You become comfortable even with your loneliness,
As if in a desolate town,
Some one comes playing soulful music,
At arrival time,
At the time of Parting.
Howsoever be the world around,
An intoxication that never dies down
Is nothing except LOVE....

Its colour , simply Yellow Molten gold,
And the nectar drips from its Body only
Like a soothing and delicate melody
played during the hours of darkness .
In the sunshine ,
In the shade ,
In the Playful gentle wind,
Something that keeps waiting moment after moment
Is nothing  Except LOVE..

Like the joyful childhood,
Or Like an ambiance that makes your mood go high ,
Tease it and you feel it like fire ,
And if it touches you,
It feels like a dewdrop.
In the village ,
In the fair ,
In the pathways,
In your loneliness
Something that comes again and again to the mind
Is nothing except LOVE..

Whirl together the freshness of flowers and Impertinence ,
Add a little of Intoxicant to this mix,
The Brew that is created in the process
Is nothing except LOVE..

( Autar Mota )

Gopal Dass Neeraj wrote this song for a Hindi Movie Prem Pujari  that had  Devanad and  Waheeda Rehman  in the lead role .

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