Monday, February 27, 2017


                                                            (            Snowman )
                                                              ( A walk on Frozen sea )
                                                            ( Frozen Canal )
                                                   ( Analyzing Fish Holes )
                                                                ( Frozen Sea )                                       


( Photo clicked on  .. 15.02.2017 and  26.02.2017.. Helsinki )

Snow is a great attraction for Finnish people.They do everything to let it remain clean and can not throw garbage or food wastes on snow. But yes children and adults make sculptures and human figures of snow.They can't resist it.

Every house has a sauna room that is put to extensive use during snow falls. Fish holes are dug to insert special fishing hooks deep down for catching fish from frozen lakes and sea.
Well clothed people ,with minimum three layers of clothes and special snow shoes , go for long snow walks .
Ice hockey is a popular winter game. A visit to Laplands could be a great experience. And ride a Reindeer driven sleigh or go for some daredevil winter sport.


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