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                                                      ( POET  JIGAR  MORADABAADI )



Love is a strange activity wherein You can neither complain nor convey thankfulness. keep your lips sealed . Oh yes ! You are allowed a space to give vent to your feelings . Listen and speak to your own self . Nothing more and nothing less.

In this business of love , So many get fascinated by the peripheral manifestations. Peripheral manifestations may draw in even a serious onlooker momentarily; But In the long run , a realization dawns that it has all been a game of self deception . Having said so , it is also a fact that a man of vision and foresight has the capacity to see through the inner splendor of an entity by a sheer fleeting look .  When not satisfied with this fleeting glance, he tends to move away irrespective of temptations and attractive pull .

See how beautifully poet Jigar Moradabaadi touches this issue..... ………..

Na Shukre Gham Zere Lub kareingay
na shikwa e Barmalaa kareingay,
Jo Hum Pe Guzregi Dil Hi Dil mein
kahaa kareingay sunaa karreingay…..
Ye Zaahri Jalwaa Haaye rangi
Fareb Kab Tak Diyaa Kareingay ,
Nazar Ko Jo kar Sake na taskeen
Voh dil Ki Taskeen Kyaa kareingay …………………………


My friend, The heart too is unreliable.At times it acts as a perfect guide ;A well-wisher who plays a friend , philosopher and companion. And quite often ,it turns up like a plunderer ; A thief, a burglar that loots and ruins .
My friend, be careful in love .Love is not a child's play. Not a game that can be played with ease and comfort by all. Don't you know the result in case you strike glass with iron?
If you don't believe me then listen what poet Jigar says ..
Kaamil Rehbar Qaatil Rahzan
Dil sa dost na Dil sa dushman..
Ishq hai pyaare kheil nahin hai
Ishq hai kaare sheesha O Aahan...


The power of smile has been  explained by Jigar Moradaabadi in just once couplet..

“Ham ne seene se lagaaya dil na apna ban saka,
Muskura kar tumne dekha dil tumhaara ho gaya
( Autar Mota )

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