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A  flowering sprout is life and verve of  a Tree. Connected to the core and the root,  It is  a part of the Tree’s   inner being and  the    living matter  .  It  grows purely on account of its  strong link and connect with the Tree  .  How can it be separate   ? No, Never.  And then this sprout grows to become a flower  sucking vital nutrients from the TREE . It also enjoys bounties of nature ;   Refreshing  raindrops , energizing  Fresh air and rejuvenating  sunshine. Life  enters playfully in the flower.  It adds  Fragrance and Graceful  colours to it. Gradually ,The flower opens up and grows to become  a Fruit .  And Once a fruit, it starts  drawing  more nutrients and food from the tree . Stronger  turns  the  connect  with the  Tree’s core and living matter. At times ,  the  onlooker  fails to create a distinction between the fruit and the tree. For every outsider ,  The tree is the Fruit and the fruit is the tree.

But as the fruit starts ripening , it starts to draw lesser and lesser Nutrients from the core . A strange disconnect begins . The same tree , the same fruit , the same Nutrients but the fruit begins to feel that its stay on the tree is  TRANSITORY. It  gets convinced about its journey .  Now   it knows  that it has  to move away  from the branches and the tree. It  knows  about the arrival of the FALL  or the AUTUMN  season when the tree itself shall become a  Naked Faqeer  disowning the branches , leaves and everything around .

A tale of desire, acquire, live together and  then separate.

Meeting and Parting..The underlying truth of every  relationship.  Desire, Acquire, live and move away is Sprouting, flowering, fruits and ripening. Now apply it to Love .Apply it to spiritual attachment or  to worldly  love. Same mill.same grill.

Does Jigar Moradabaadi convey these feelings ?Can his poetry posted below be interpreted in this way as well? Does the  consciousness of impending separation   in love make the poet to  speak out his heart ? Has he possibly felt the transitory nature of his beloved's  company ? I add my favourite lines …

Vahii hai  shahid o-saaqi magar dil bujhtaa jaataa hai
Vahii   hai shamma-e-dil Roshani kam hoti jaati hai…

Vahii  Maikhaana-o-Sehbaa  vahii sheesha Vahii  saagar
magar Aawaaz-e-nausha - nosh Madh’am hoti  jaati hai

Vahii hai  zindagi lekin 'Jigar ' ye haal hai  Apnaa
ke Jaisay  zindagi se zindagi kam hoti jaati hai…

My  Simple English rendering of the above  lines  of Jigar would be ......

My beloved remains same,.
same is my cupbearer too ,
Why then O Heart you appear  sinking ?
The   candle of light within    ,
 continues to burn ,
Yet it looks as if ,
dimmer and dimmer goes its glow
with every passing moment.

The Tavern remains same ,
And same are my companions  inside ,
 Same are the wine glasses and the cups ,
Why   then is  the  noise of
wine   consumption  within
Turning Quiet day after day ? ..

“O Jigar “  Same is    your Existence ,
Unchanged  yet on a   different stage ,
As if , Life moves away from  Life ,
more and more   gradually

( Autar Mota )


On this post,  that first appeared on my Facebook Page , Dr Shashi Sheshkhar Toshkhani wrote in his comments  as under;

"After reading your post these lines of a poem by Garcia Lorca came to my mind: "Woodcutter, cut my shadow / Deliver me from the torture of beholding myself fruitless."


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