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PHOENIX Mall Mumbai...

( Mobile Photo..  Autar Mota)

The massive shining object displayed at the entrance of Phoenix Mall Mumbai is a Kalash or Kalasha..


I quote from speaking Tree.com..

"The Kalash symbolically represents creation. The vacant pot, symbolizes earth, and the water filled symbolizes the primordial water from which life began on earth. Life began in water and nothing can exist in this world without water.The water in the kalash symbolizes the primordial water from which the entire creation emerged. It is the giver of life to all and has the potential of creating innumerable names and forms, the inert objects and the sentient beings and all that is auspicious in the world from the energy behind the universe."

In India, Kalasha is sacred and worshiped since Vedic Period.As a matter of fact Kalash worship has come from Vedas only. Kalasha worship is also prevalent in Jainism and Buddhism. KALASHA   OR The Pitcher of Plenty occupies a prominent place in almost all forms of worship in  India .

During Shivratri Puja (For kashmiri Pandits ) ,Kalash Puja is essentially done by keeping a  Pot/ Pitcher filled with water and Walnuts . This Pot/ Pitcher is decorated with Vermillion Tilaka  and Swastika mark.  A flower garland is also tied along the neck of this Pitcher or Pot .
It is believed that the Sacred Kalasha is full of waters from all the holy rivers , Mantras of Vedas and the blessings of all the deities . Accordingly , Drops from Kalasha water are sprinkled on all worshipers  after the Puja is over. No kashmiri Pandit will leave a Homa ( Hawan ) or a religious ritual unless he gets " Kalash Doon" or the walnut kept in Kalasha water for the auspicious Puja.
 After a Homa is over , one can hear  the devotees (  kashmiri Pandits in particular   )  saying :

" Me Gaessi Kalash Doon"

"I want the walnut from the Kalasha"
I am informed that many Architects in Europe and USA are now creating “Kalasha” in Buildings that they are Designing .
“ Mangal Kalasha” is extensively used in homes , offices, hotels, restaurants and other places frequented by People . It is believed to usher Peace , energy and life all around .And then kalasha is the most preferred Symbol createf in Auspicious Rangolis ( Kashmiri Vyoog ) all over India .

The concept of “ KALASHA “ was also used by Allama Iqbal in his poem “Naya Shivala” or “The New Abode of Shiva “. I quote ..

“Sooni Paddi Huyi Hai Muddat se Dil Ki Basti
Aa Ek Nayaa shivaala Iss Desh Mein Banaa dein
Duniyaa ke Teerathon se Onchaa Ho Uss ka Teerath
Daamaan e Aasmaan se Uss ka KALASH Milaa Dein
Har Subah Uth ke Gaayein Mantar Woh Meethay Meethay
Saarey Pujaariyon Ko Maai Preet Ki Pilaa Dein “

My simple english rendering would be.......

"The region of this heart is Barren since long ;
Why not make a new Temple in this land ?
A Temple , loftier than all other places of worship in the world .
Let its KALASHA ( spire ) Reach the sky above us .
Inside it , Let the Priests Chant sweet and Sacred Mantras every Morning .
And let Love be the drink that be offered to one and all over here ."

So next time you visit PHOENIX Mall , just look at this shining" Kalasha"..

(Autar Mota)

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