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(PHOTO Autar Mota  )

At daytime,  I was in the garden. A strange  feeling   took me over.  Truly, those rendered homeless , neither belong to the desert nor to the garden . But then  wherever they stay , these spots may also   turn to Royal  palaces .No surprise about that .

And as and when I returned  defeated from this path of love , You alone opened your welcome arms  .   So  here am I once again.

And Majrooh Sultanpuri also conveys similar sentiments  in one of  his Gazals. I add some lines …..

Teray Khaanmaan Kharaabon ka chaman na koyee sehra
Ye jahaan bhi Baith Jaayein Waheen in ki Baargaahein..
Kabhi Jaadaa e talab se Jo Phiraa huun dil shikastaa,
Teri Aarzoo ne hans kar Vaheen Daal dhi hain baahein..

I add lines from another Gazal of Majrooh that has some similar sentiments ..

Qadam ko Faiz e Junoon se woh Aabalaa hai naseeb,
Ke Khaar e raah ko bhi shamm e Raahguzaar karay .
Bahut hi Talkh navaa huun magar Azeez wattan,
me kyaa karoon jo teraa dard Beqaraar karay..

 (Autar Mota )

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