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To This photo , i am adding a brief story on cartoons of sajood Sailani 

Sajood Sailani ( Born 1936 ) is  a Kashmiri poet and  playwright. He founded Sangam Theatre in Kashmir.  Sometimes , he also drew cartoons that  were full of social satire and archetypal kashmiri humour. These cartoons have been drawn at least three decades back . Many people in Kashmir do not know this creative aspect of his personality.

He lives at  Pandrethan in Kashmir.  In 2009, i visited him at his residence  for  a detailed interview .I upload 5 cartoons drawn by him...

 Plight of our mother tongue " Kaasher zubaan" by Sajood Sailani.

With tears in her eyes, She looks from an old window.Her smart and young son "Kaashur " is dancing happily in the company of two females angrezi and Urdu..

Tchei kammeu soenni myaani brum diethh nyoonukh

Tchei kyoezii gayee myaaen daeiyy..

(Which rival of mine entrapped you and you moved away ,
Why love why, you started distancing yourself from me..)


Kashmiris also entering the world of film making..A cartoon by Sajood Sailani..

Moujji...Rath myaan kaangur ta vuchh myaaen tae'kk..
 (Mother....Take this kangri of mine and see how fast I shall run now)


To the above cartoon ( satire on tight trousers ), the cartoonist has also added four poetic lines ....
Hazrat yuthh kathhie kaerr toa'm sar
Nataa haz Rozeum vaaniji boa'r
To'hee yuthh manz chhavaa zang'a barri-maetch,
Ye chhaa haz pataaloon kie'nna toota-noa'r..

 (Sir,please clarify this riddle to me,
Else this is going to weigh heavily upon my mind.
You have put your legs in something,
Is it a trouser or a reed pipe?)


Cartoon based on the  popular film song " teray mun ki ganga aur meray mun ki jamuna ka... Bol Radha Bol Sangam Hoga Ki Nahin ...." from Raj Kapoor's SANGAM.

Question by a street romeo.

"Bol Radha bol ???"

Reply in Chaste kashmiri ..

"Adda tchaetti moodooyi mo'l"

"Death to you and death to your father"


Catching the  Troublesome Domestic   RAT..An old cartoon by playwright Sajood Sailani
"Karaan chhuss intezaar koo't kaal praarayo"
""I am waiting.Let me know how more I need to wait for you""

(Autar Mota )

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