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Hey Ravi Hey Shashi Karunanidhi, Meri Vinatii Suun leejiye
Aur na maangat Hoon tum se Kuchh Chaahat Ho chit Mein soyii Deejiye
Sastran sioon Atti hi Runn Bheetar Jhoojh Maruun Kahii saanch pateejiye
Sant sahaai sadaa Jag maahi Kripa Karri shyaam ihee var Deejiye 

( Sri Guru Gobind singh Ji from his poetic collection Krishnaavtaar )

On the banks of Serene Vitasta or Jhelum at Awantipora ( 32 Kms from Srinagar city in Pulwama District ), lies a A Gurudwara of Historical importance . Situated on National Highway , this Gurudwara is also known as “Charan Asthhaan Guru Nanak Dev Ji “ . Accompanied by his trusted follower Mardana , Guru Nanak Dev ji , the founder of Sikh religion visited this place during his third Missionary Travels ( Udasis in sikh History ) in the year 1518 A. D. He also went to Beerwah , Qazigund , Bijbihara , Amar Nath  JI shrine , Pahalgham , Mattan and Leh in this journey. Gurudwaras have also been built at all these places to commemorate the visit of Guru ji. 
At Mattan, Guru Nanak Dev ji addressed a large gathering of Brahmins under the shady chinars . he also had a discourse with Brahm Dass ji at Mattan. And Pather Sahib Gurudwara near the Magnetic Hill Leh , is also frequented by visitors from many countries world over . In Srinagar city , Guruji stayed inside the shrine of Sharika at hari Parbat. He also visited Shankaracharya temple .

As per sikh History , Guru Ji also met some prominent saints of kashmir of that that include Sri Avinash Muni ji ( who stayed in a small temple that is presently known as Acharya Sri Chand Chinar Temple Residency Road Srinagar. Later Sri Chand ji son of Guru Nanak Dev ji also stayed in this temple for some time ) and Darvesh Kamaal Sahib .
The Awantipora Gurudwara has a Garden attached to it . This Gurdwara adds to the grandeur of this Historic town .
The management of the Gurudwara provides accommodation and free kitchen to visitors without any caste or creed .True to Sikh Traditions , the Caretaker cum Granthi offered us Tea with overwhelming hospitality when we visited this place in 2009 and again in 2012.
Awantipora was once the capital of King Awantivarman ( 855-883 AD ) who laid foundation of this city during his reign. The town has two important monuments In the shape of Ruins of Two Majestic Temple complexes built by AWANTIVARMAN. These temples were dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva . 
The highly revered shrine of Syed Hassan Mantaqi is also situated on National Highway near Awantipora ,
Recently Islamic University of Science and Technology has also come up close to the Town . The town is now connected by Train which link came up under the prestigious Kashmir Rail project . A left side turn from the main national highway near Awantipora town , takes you to Traal and shikargaah ..

                                                    ( Highway at Awantipora kashmir )
From indicators provided in Books and Sikh history , Guru Nanak Dev ji visited kailash Mansarovar via Sikkim and from that place he came down to Tibbet and then to Leh . He entered Kashmir from Leh side and visited many places in valley finally retuened to Lahore Via what is presently known as Mughal Road . 
Guru Nanak Dev ji covered about 14000 miles on foot in his missionary travels or Udasis . He travelled to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, South West China, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
( Autar Mota )

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