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 A Childhood photograph of Yuvraj Karan Singh son of Maharaja Hari Singh  ( Ex Ruler J&k )      .                                                            

Dr karan Singh not only writes well but his imagination too is superb. And he not only quotes Indian sages but the entire galaxy of western intellectuals most frequently in his write ups . One may not consider  him  a great  politician but none  can  overlook or ignore his  scholarship .

   (  Photo ..Prithvi Raj Kapoor Dr.karan Singh )

"You may be a painter,a poet , an actor ,a musician ,a writer or a dancer and if your art makes people happy ,you are actually doing a great service to humanity. And service to humanity is service to god.Nar seva Narayan seva."

Dr Karan Singh ..



                                          ( Dr Karan Singh with Lal Bahadur Shastri )


To the above  photo i am adding a Poem   "CLOUDS'  by Dr Karan Singh former Regent /Sadar e Riyasat /Governor J&K State ...

(Clouds )
Airy sprites that roam at will
Upon the soft blue firmament ,
Twisting and turning in the wind ,
Dissolving into Nothingness
Or taking shapes and forms unheard of ,
Bending castles ,
Toppling spires ,
Misty cities ringed with fire;
Filmy wisps and finest spray ;
The wind cascading through soft hair ,
Flying with gay abandon
Through the depths of liquid space ,
Gazing proudly into the mirrors ,
Lakes and rivers ,
Streams and ocean,
Now retreating ,
Now advancing ,
Like a charger ,
Proudly prancing ,
Like a slender Maiden dancing ……

( Avtar Mota )

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