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Bhatt or Butt or Bhat has Sanskrit origin meaning scholar or a learned man. It is believed that people of this clan ( Sarswat Brahmins ) were descendants of saints of Vedic period who lived on the banks of river Sarsawati. When this river turned dry, some people from this clan moved towards north and settled in kashmir valley though Some groups from this clan moved towards the western and southern parts of the country.. Some members of this clan moved to other areas of the subcontinent . People with castes like Goud, Rai, Rao , Bhatra ,Iyer ,Nambudiri, Malviya , Bhargava and Barot etc. are also Bhats by origin who are scattered in the length and breadth of the country . .

Brahma Bhatts are also Bhats or descendents of Rishis of Vedic period. This caste has been mentioned in Ramayana, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism and some Vedic scriptures .
In Kashmir Bhat continues to be popular caste . Kashmiri Bhats are also Sarswat Brahmins and after the entry of Islam in the valley , a large number of Hindu Bhats converted to the new faith . So is the history of Muslim Bhats of Pakistan and some areas of Afghanistan. Bhats are not to confused with Bhattis . Bhattis belongs to Yadu clan of  Hindu Rajputs . Like Bhats , Bhattis have also settled at many places in India and Pakistan .

In India , Bhats or Butts or Bhatts are presently settled in Gujrat , Haryana , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh , Bihar , West Bengal , Maharashtra , Goa , Karnatka , and Andhra Pradesh .One can find them everywhere in the subcontinent. Their contribution to Science , sports , Politics , Religion , Films , Banking, Music , Philosophy and other intellectual pursuits is second to none . Some Prominent Bhatts , Butts or Bhats are :-.........................


1 Raju Bhatt , Rujul Bhatt , Pramila Bhatt , D S Bhatt , Subash Bhatt , Bhargav Bhatt ,Raghu Ram Bhatt, Arshad Bhatt ( J&K ) from India while Arif Butt, Ijaz Butt,Salman Butt, Hussain Butt and Shujaud Din Butt from Pakistan.

Other sports

1 Gh Mohd Butt or Gama Pehlwan and Zubair Butt or Jhaara Pehlwan well known wrestlers from Pakistan . Yakoob Butt Footballer from Pakistan.


1 Nawaz sharif Butt ( Pakistan 's Prime Minister ) and his brother Shahbaaz Sharif Butt .

2 Mahesh Dass Bhat Wazir e Azam in the court of Mughal King Akbar

3 Ashok Bhatt Gujrat Politician .

4 K. Raghupati Bhat was a member of the legislative assembly of Karnataka from Udupi.

5 Birbal in the court of Emperor  Akbar was a Bhat .His father’s name was Mahesh Dass Bhat .


1 Balwant Rai Bhatt Hindustani classical music composer and Vocalist.

2 Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Instrumentalist from India

3 Ali Azmat Butt Pakistani Rock star


1 Asim Butt painter and sculptor from Pakistan

2 Jyoti Bhatt Painter from India .

Scientist , Mathematician , Film and Media Personalities and some people from Art and literature.

1 Arya Bhatta Early Indian Mathematician and Astronomer .

1 Bhattotpala 10 th centuary astronomer from India .

2 Parvez Butt former chairman Pakistan atomic energy Commission .

3 Ambreen Butt Pakistani Model.

4 Ela Bhatt Founder SEWA India .

5 Mahesh Bhat Noted film, Director

6 Bhavana Bhatt Bollywood actress

7 Jayarasi Bhatt 8th century Philosopher

8 Prajana Bhatt 16th century Historian

9 Jayanta Bhatt 9 th centuary kashmiri Poet and philosopher .

10 Puran Bhatt well Known puppeteer from India .

11 Kumarila Bhatt 8th centaury Philosopher and Mimansa Scholar from India .

12 Shree Bhatt famous 15th century Physician from Kashmir who treated King Zain ul Abdin.

13 Bhana Bhatt 7th century Sanskrit scholar .

14 Sheni Gopalakrishna Bhat, Yakshagana artist

15 Vidhwan Krishna Bhat, Kerekai was a noted Tala-Maddale artist from Karnataka state, India.

16 Yogaraj Bhat is a prominent Kannada film director, lyricist, producer and screenwriter.

17 Rishi Bhat ( Born 1984) is a former American child actor and a millionaire internet software entrepreneur. Rishi Bhat is of Indian Origin.

18 U. Narayan Bhat (Born 1934) is a renowned Indian born Mathematician, known for his contributions to queueing theory and reliability theory.

19 Ramesh Bhat award winning Karnatka actor and a close associate of Shanker Nag .

20 Justice U L Bhat former Chief Justice of Assam.

21 Guruja Bhat Noted Historian and scholar.

22 Actress Pooja Bhatt and her sister Alia Bhatt.


1 O P Bhatt Ex Chairman State Bank of India .

2 Ajay Bhatt well known Computer Architect.

3 Pandit Sahaj Bhat and Pandit Sham Lal Bhat renowned Physicians and Hakeems from Kashmir ..

4 Balaji Vishwanath Bhat. Peshwa and founder of the Peshwa Dynasty

Surprisingly Butt is again a surname whose origin in Europe is traced to England. It is derived from old French word BUT meaning target . Some believe that it is a distorted form of the word Bath meaning Bible songs. Are these Butts of Europe also from the Bhat clan of India which lived on the Banks of Sarsawsti river ? Historians mostly say emphatic NO. Then we have Butts in France , Germany and USA as well . I can quote well known persons from Europe with Butt Surname…..

1 Issac Butt well known Irish leader

2. Maggie Butt British poet .

3 Gavin Butt British Art Historian .

4 Peter Butt American Film maker .

5 Alfred Butt British theatre Entrepreneur

6 Brent Butt Canadian actor and writer .

7 Len Butt Footballer from UK

8 Miriam Butt Linguist from Germany

9 Harry Butt cricketer from UK

10 Tom Butt Americam Politician in California .

11 Tameka Butt Australian Association Footballer.

So Long so Much …..
Sar Zameen e Hind Pe Aqvaam e aalam Ke “Firaq ”
Kaafilay Bastay Gaye Hindustaan Bantaa Gayaa"

( Firaq Gorakhpuri )

( In this land that is India, Groups from many nations of the world  kept  settling ,

That is how India kept emerging  and Assembling itself . )

( Autar Mota………14.10.2013 )                     
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  1. Butt family is great family. .I am from pakistan living in france I have son here from French wife his name is icham butt

  2. Yes I also describes in france we have some euorpean butt...I don't know much about them but enough to knows they are butt..I hope after 100 years I have grand grand son's and they will tell we are south Asian. .

  3. But with sorry I want to mention one thing pakistani prime minister nawaz shrif is not butt..just he has strong relationship with butt family and some of his relative called butt..example his brother's wife and his daughters husband

    1. YES when i specifically say about Bhats of the subcontinent. Bhat has come from sanskrit word Bhatta meaning a a well read man . By words " well Read", at that point of time , meant a man who had knowledge of VEDAS .


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