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Masala Tikki known as Vaaer in kashmiri is abundantly used in kashmiri kitchen. Hindus and Muslims are fond of this special Small mixed spice cake . In fact this Vaaer reflects and represent s the essence of kashmiri cuisine Aroma . The Masala Tikki is made from spices like Cloves , Zeera , Red chilly powder , Saunf Powder ,Suund powder, Methraa ( Fenugreek seeds ) ,a pinch of Turmeric ,Garam Masala , Heeng (Asafoetida ) and Rohunn ( Garlic ) essentially . While kashmiri Pandits do not use Garlic , Kashmiri Muslims do not use Heeng (Asafoetida ) though both Heeng and Garlic are flavor enhancer and have enormous medicinal properties .

Authentic kashmiri Vaaeri or Masala Tikki is available in kashmir , Jammu and new Delhi. Though many Spice dealers in Kashmir sell good quality  Masala Tikki ,  I have tried  Kanwal Brand Masala Tikki ( made by Kanwal Spices from Anantnaag Kashmir ) and found it  good  for Non Veg. and chicken preparation. These Tikkis are Garlic based and are consumed mostly by kashmiri Muslims  .
Again in Jammu one gets some special Masala Tikkis from Prasad Koul’s shop at Talab Tillo or from K K Spices near Bhagwan Gopi Nath ji’s Ashram In Udhaywaala .These Tikkis are Heeng based and consumed mostly by Kashmiri Pandits  .

Some time back ,Kashmiri women would prepare these Tikkis themselves . This practice has been abandoned now.  Vaaer or Masala Tikkis find use in kashmiri Pandit marriage functions as something auspicious. Vaaer Tikki is kept in a Thaali ( Plate ) as Vaaer Zung along with rice , a packet of salt and some cash to be handed over to the Head cook or Waaza as soon as he starts the cooking of dishes for the marriage feast.

Chhu Saarinee Kunuyee Khudaa
Samithh Karav Kunuyee sadaa
Mangouss Na Zaanh Panun Mudaa
Alag alag Judaa Judaa
Samithh Wattan Wattan Karav
Taraan e Wattan Parav…………..………
( Abdul Ahad Azad )

One god exists for all of us ,
Then why not join together and raise  one voice before him.
 Never shall we  seek  boons from him
Separately or Individually …
Together let us  raise our hands for the country
Together let us  read the song of praise for our country ....

( Autar Mota 01.10.2013 ).

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