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Yemberzal or Nargis  or  Narcissus flower declares the arrival of spring in kashmir .
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When respect in intended to be shown, kashmiris use words like HUZ or MAHARA . Muslims use HUZ which is believed to be a short cut for HAZARAT  . In Arab world , the word is used  with religious  persons or respected Muslim personalities . It is also  equivalent to the  normal Western honorific addressing high official  as "Your Honour" or  “Your Majesty ”  . 

When HUZ is used in kashmir ,the intention is to convey “ I respect you ”. While the word Mahara used by Pandits  is s shortcut for MAHARAJ . While the literal  meaning of the Sanskrit word Maharaj is “Great King ”, and used  as a title to address men  who hold high ,Noble or religious   office. Kashmiri  Pandits  use it for   elders to demonstrate   respect and regard   . MAHARA also conveys “ I respect you ”. 

When a person was treated as Equal ,kashmiris would  use words SA  . Kyaa SA chhuukhh Karaan or What are you doing  ( For men ) .or Kya Sa Chhakh karaan . Or what are you doing  ( for women ). Sa appears to be a short cut for   of Sahib or Sahiba .Both hindis and Muslim would use the word SA. Some writers believe that  SA and Saaeba (a popular kasmiri name )comes from Sahib. Sahib is also used for Almighty or God in kashmiri. This contention  is also open to Debate .

Again a younger Boy or girl is addressed as Tche while an elder is addressed as Toahii . Say for example, Tche Kyaa chhuukh   Karaan  or  You young man  ,What are you doing ? And Toahii Kyaa Chhuva karaan or sir, What are You doing ?

When a poor person  in social ladder or  some one who irritated or annoyed   was to be addressed , kashmiri would use the word BA.  Hata Ba Kyaa Chhhuukhh Karaan O you ! What are you doing ? ( for men ). Here BI was used for women . Kyaa Bi Chhakh Karaan .O You women ! what are you doing ?
Tala Baa Puukh Hor Kunn or  Hey ! Just Move away . Both Hindus and Muslims would use the word BA or BI  while addressing men and women respectively .

Aa is for male and Aai is for female.  For example the word  Huttaa ( Hutt + aa) and Huttaai ( Hutt + aai )  . Again uoo and and iee are male and female in uasage respectively .Say for example   word  , Tuuloo or pick up  (for male )and Tuilee or pick up (for female ).

Other Titles of address that kashmiris used were as under;

(1 ) Joo …Elders  are shown respect and  addressed with their names suffixed with "joo", like Ram Joo ,  Krishen Joo , Subhan Joo, Nabir Joo. Both Hindus and muslims used Joo.

(2 ) Sahib …  General title for the Boss .( Sahib Chha Aamut … Has the boss come ? )  .It was also used for addressing Europeans in Kashmir like  Biscoe sahib for Tyndale Biscoe . Sahib is also used for Almighty or God in kashmiri.

(3 ) Haaej Saaeb … Used while addressing an elderly person  who has performed Haj.

(4) Pandit ji …Used for  showing  respect to  an elderly kashmiri Pandit while addressing him.

( 5) Khwajaa Saaeb… It means Master or Lord. The title is also closely related to other terms in Sufism  or one can say a spiritual title  but practically in kashmir it is used to address a person who is  well off  or  belongs to family of  higher class .

Aadami ka Aadami hona nahin Aasaan "Firaq"
Ilm o Fun Ikhlaak o Mazahab Jis se Chaao Poochh lo

( Firaq  Gorakhpuri )

So long So much .....................

 ( Autar Mota 30.10.2013)
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