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Photo Autar Mota
(This house is exactly on left side of the road if you go from Karan nagar towards neelam Cinema . Just near Shivala crossing )

I am adding a poem “Yaad Karta hai Bacha ” by Agnishekhar . The poem is included in the book “ SWAR EKADASH ” published from Jaipur .Here goes English rendering of the poem .

( A child Remembers )

What happened in that violent wind
With our family ?
Under fright , Entire village turned silent ,
The river too ran away
Leaving the Chinar trees to Nobody’s care .

Outside , crows in thousands joined to create
Aggressive noise all over .
And we stayed put in our roofless nests ,
Like the last bunch of grapes
Hanging in bewilderment from the vine .

Mother wept bitterly ,
Grand mother wept ,
The young chhitkoo wept ,
The Aunt too wept .
And With your hands folded before them
You requested everyone to keep calm.

The lights were turned off
To serve silence in the room.
In the lane outside ,
The crackers burst in chain
Creating fierce noise .

Papa ! yesterday when Kashmir was being telecast on Doordarshan ,
Snow clad mountains ,
Lakes ,
Waterfalls ,
Green valleys ,
I felt as if we are fallen dry leaves ,
Broomed away from the Garden
To these camps .

Papa! Shall the wind carry us away from this place as well ?

( Autar Mota 09.10.2013)

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