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For this post i have uploaded some views of Walnut wood carving items from kashmir . The items made from walnut wood are now exported to European countries , Australia and USA. Domestic market too is gradually opening up in view of various qualities of Walnut wood. This wood  is not attacked by Termite and is hard and durable. Workmanship by artisans adds value and charm  to walnut  furniture ,Table lamps , bowls , spoons , Forks , Beer Mugs , cigar boxes, toys, trays, table-tops, handkerchief boxes, Jewellery boxes,   Panels  and Decoration items.

The carvings on walnut wood is done by   highly skilled Artisans known as Wosta  or Naqaash  . The design represent a  Lattice Work J( Mughal style Jalli work  ), chinar leaf motifs  ,  Lotus  ,  flora and fauna of Kashmir , Hindu Gods especially Ganesha  and  also Dragons in Chinese style. The wood carving can be deep engravings or shallow carvings   depending upon the item  .  Lotus and Dragon need deep carvings  while flat surfaces need shallow carvings .This work also bears influence of ancient  stone carving of Kashmir  . The best and widespread  wood carving  put in use in Kashmir is visible in  Traditional  Khatambandi Ceilings .

This traditional craft was certainly introduced by King Zain ul Abdin. How great are the artisans of this land i can not explain you ? Just see their workmanship to believe me . Should they touch wood , they make it stunningly lovely and decorative . Should they touch paper , they make it gold. Should they bring needle close to cloth , they weave gardens .They are the poorest paid in this commodity market even when they own hands that make many rich and wealthy.

Zamaane ki ye Gardishe jaavidaana ,
Haqeeqat ek tu Baaki Fasaana .
Kissi Ne Dhosh Dekha Hai Na fardaa ,
Faqat Imroz hai Tere Zamaana .
( Allama Iqbal )

O this permanent wheel of Existence ,
Thou art the only reality , rest are Fables .
Who did see his past or fututre ?
Thy world is simply the present alone 

 (Autar Mota )

17th Feb 2013 , Time 00.35 AM .... Sunday. Good Night .

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