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In Kashmir , one finds galvanized iron sheets used commonly for roofing . They are used in a manner to give the roof adequate slopes from all sides Possibly that makes rain water and more specifically the snow to slip during winters. Prior to this, kashmiris would spread Wooden Planks on Deodaar poles over which they would put a birch paper cover . Mud layer of a uniform thickness of about 3 to 4 inches would then be spread over these Birch sheets to make water proof roofs for houses in Kashmir .These roofs were locally called BURZ- PUSH. These roofs had  vegetation as well . Even yemberzal ( nargis ) would be seen on these birch roofs in spring time . But then the house owner had a lurking fear of the roof collapse due to load created by accumulation of snow in winter . That made him to come to roof top from an opening called WOABB (in kashmiri ) to remove the excess snow using sticks , poles or a  Belcha. A special group of labourers were also moving about after each snow fall for this specific task on payment . They were called Sheen Mohniev . They would go up and start clearing entire snow from the roof top with special tools crying “HOSH- HOSH, BACHO -BACHO ” lest the falling snow injure some one  below. The below photograph shall make you understand what a birch  paper roof  ( BURZ PUSH ) looks like .This is actually a photograph of Madin e  of Hawal  srinagar  .

 Another type of roofing known as SINGALI- PUSH in kashmiri would also be there in olden days . In fact many government buildings had this roofing which essentially consisted of  small Wooden pieces nailed  on Wooden Planks.These roofs required sharper slopes  to enable snow to slip down.
 Now we have little  rains and insignificant  snow fall in Kashmir for these sloping roofs. These roof look to the sky and cry :-

 “ALLAH    MEGH    DE , PAANI    DE ”
  "Lord   bring  Clouds  and Bring Rains "

( Autar Mota )
7th  October. 2012,  Sunday ..Time 10.45 PM … Good Night

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