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“We had many Muslim boys in the school who were wonderful players . some of them did rise to high posts in government service . Shri farooq Renzu a senior Bureaucrat in J&K Admiistration has also studied in this school. Some Kashmiri Pandit boys like Artist Vir Munshi and Actor K K Raina are a product of this school. In fact K K Raina was a teacher as well in the school later. Of teachers, who does not know Prof. D N Madan who was the Chairman of the school. Daya krishen koul our head Master or janki nath Koul who was also known as Jana Military for his tough disposition as a Physical Training instructor of the school were men of a different class . We also had teachers who were proficient in their subjects like Dina Nath koul ( English ), Shiben Ji ( science teacher ) and shridhar Joo Bhat . The school had free access to boys from any caste , creed , colour or religion. All our teachers would treat every students like a member of his own family . They were all simple living and high thinking individuals.”

Said Ashok Khazanchi a former student of the school and now working as senior Manager in a Public sector Bank..

“Mohd Amin Bhat and Bashir Ahmed officers in our bank are students of this school only.”

Said Ashok Daftari an officer in our bank .

“ Jenab , there were three four institutions run simultaneously from this premises known as Sheetal Nath . That is the Sheetal Raaza Temple ( Bhairava ), That building is the old Yuvak sabha and ASKPC office and this building is Hindu High school.. There is a committee which operates the school . Some members of the committee are at Jammu .They have appointed me as care taker . I live nearby . This is AMAANAT of our Hindu brethren.. The school is open and functioning . Today is Sunday. You should have come tomorrow. Every thing has changed now . That is Rattan Rani Hospital. This road will take you to Brai Kujjan . That good House belongs to Wazir family ”

Said Ali Mohd Bodha the elderly caretaker who opened the school gates for us when we visited the Sheetal Nath complex..

I can only add that the boys of this school always threw tough challenge to students of Various other schools in March past event of 15th August at Bakshi stadium . Some times they would be given trophy as excellent March past team of the function .
This is Hindu High school Sheetal Nath . Enjoy the views with some lines of Allama on Honesty and integrity ;-

Aey Taayare Lahootee
Uss Rizq se Maut Achhi ,
Jiss Rizq se Aatee ho
Parvaaz me kotahee

( Allama iqbal )

O thee high soaring bird of free sky,
Prefer death to such grains ,
As slow down thy flight ,
And impede thy upward journey .

( Text and photographs by Autar Mota )
24th October , 2012 …. Time 11.20 PM … Good Night
Based on a work at http:\\autarmota.blogspot.com\.


  1. @ : Interesting write up on the school. There are lot many more alumnies from the school who have done exceedly well in life . Needs to narrated in future , if possible.

  2. I have a student of Hindu High school in late 50's and early 60's. I stuided from 2nd to 7th standard. My class teacher Bahijikak. JANKI NATH (jan militry) PT teacher and D. N. Dhar our head master. Kuldeep K. Bhan


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