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Some flowers are eager to show themselves . They may sprout untimely. They may sprout too early and not wait for the spring season. Fired by a desire to show off, they may sprout even under  snow . Be kind to them O lord. Make them  see the  spring ,the proper season.

And during  morning,  when the dew spread itself like  mercury or pearls on flowers and leaves , it forgot the lonely , uncared ,restless and the  tainted plant  in the garden . This bounty from nature should have come to the lonely plant as well.

Poet Dina Nath Nadim wrote:

" Ya yaavun myon non draav feanji fatanaai Sheena tal baaman,
Tse nai paneini nazar karhas bahaaras taam vaatun gotschh..
Subhan yeli  shabnam seemaab chhakkarov Yaad pyav kas taam
Ya ma tas daagh-daaras beqaraaras taam vaatun  gotchh."
( Dina Nath Nadim)

This is how Prof Arvind Gigoo translates the above lines:--

(My youth showed itself early,
a bud sprouting out of snow.
May it reach the spring
forgetting your looks !

In the morning, when the dew fell 
here and there like mercury ,
someone wished
 it reach the restless and the tainted.)

(Avtar Mota)

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