Friday, September 18, 2020




Sheshnaag stream flowing through Betaab Valley Pahalgaam ,Kashmir ..

Sheshnaag stream  joins Lidder and Lidder stream  joins Jhelum or Vitasta near Khannabal . Jhelum or Vitasta joins Chenab or Chanderbhaga and finally  after merging with mighty Indus it joins the vast sea. That is the journey  from Himalayas to the ocean.

To this photo i add two couplets from a Gazal of Majrooh Sultanpuri...

Paara e dil hai wattan ki sarzameen mushkil yeh hai ,
Shahar ko veeran kahein ya dil ko veeraana kahein..

Aey rukh e zeba bataa dhe aur abhi hum kabh talak ,
Teergi ko shama  tanhaayi ko parwaana kahein ....

( Avtar Mota )

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