Thursday, April 30, 2020



NIRUBEN AMIN......(1944-2006)

Watching this great lady on Door-Darshan currently . A great pleasure to listen to NIRUBEN AMIN popularly known as Niruma or Niru mother. As she speaks,  she moves the listener with her  compassion and  profound love for humanity and human values.. Her presence reflects her inner peace, poise  and a unique understanding of fundamental issues of human existence and co-existence. She was a gynecologist who turned to purposeful spiritual leadership. A champion of integration even under diverse beliefs .

" If you don't treat the other person as your competitor , half of your troubles vanish at that very moment. If  this simple truth is applied by our womenfolk living  in joint families, there will be real happiness and empathy . "

"In a normal relationship, accept the other person as he is.  No two individuals are similar . No two individuals can be compared. Never try to change the other person the way you would like him to be. You will lose him alongwith your peace of mind. "
Peace be to her soul.

(Avtar Mota)

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