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This song doesn't have  great lyrics. However  , I like the composition for it's overall  freshness of  words  , music and presentation.  Sung by Madhushree, the words come as ripples created by evening sea breeze with AR Rehman's music. This  song has been written by Nashik born poet Mahboob Kotwal .
Incidentally ,Mahboob also wrote Maa Tujhe Salaam set to music by A R Rehman..
And Madhushree is from a Bengali family. She   is trained  a classical singer. Having worked mostly with A R Rehman, she made her debut singing in Rajesh Roshan's Moksha.

I quote some lines of this song .....

"Kabhi neem neem
Kabhi shahad shahad
kabhi naram naram
Kabhi sakht sakht
Mora piya, mora piya
Mora piya  ho

Nazron ke teer mein basa hai pyaar
Jab bhi chala hai vo dil ke paar
.........Lajja se maare re  yeh jiya.."

My English translation would be ..

"Sometimes he is bitter like Neem ,
Sometimes just  honey sweet,
Sometimes he appears tender and soft,
And at times stiff and rigid ,
that is my beloved ..

When he looks,
Sheer arrows of love he throws,
Any arrow that passes through this heart,
 melts  it down  in total shyness....

(Avtar Mota)

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