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BAANDHO  NA NAAV  ISS THAANV , BANDHU !.....A Poem of Nirala ..

The poet is in the boat . The boat has just touched the river bank.  The boatman is about to park the boat  and let the traveler  disembark. There is a flashback of memories and the  poet  requests the boat man to  move away to some other  Ghaat .
I like this simple and beautiful  poem of Surya  Kant Tripathi Nirala . Bandhu is  a Sanskrit word that has come from Bandhan or ties . It is liberally used in Bangla . From Bangla , it has come to Hindi  . I found many Urdu poets also using this word. Bandhu means brother , companion   or friend  . Thaanv means place  or spot .

Baandho  na naav iss thaanv , Bandhu !
Poochhega saara gaanv , Bandhu  !

Yeh Ghaat Vahi  jis par hans- kar
Woh kabhi nahaati thi dhans-kar
Ankhein  rah jaati thi phanskar
Kanpte thay donon paanv , Bandhu !

Woh hansi bahut kuchh kehti thi
Phir bhi apne mein rehti thi
Sab ki sunti thi , sehati thi
Deti thi sab ke daanv , Bandhu  !
………………………………..Baandho na naav iss thaanv , Bandhu !

( Avtar Mota )

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