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New York is a city that provokes, excites and sets many dreams in motion. It has avenues, streets,   trains, speeding yellow taxis, theatres, cinema halls,    high rise buildings, ever-busy lifts, street acrobats,  bars, pubs,  glare , glamour , fashion  , films ,  shopping malls , art museums , Times Square lights, parks, Yoga ,  heritage buildings,  libraries,  burgers, bagels,   coffee, affluence,  jobs,  unemployment, illegal immigrants, book shops, baby sitters, cat sitters, dog sitters, dog walkers,  homeless, beggers , ice hockey , 24 by 7 open restaurants , baseball,    cars ,  delivery boys,   ,   tourists , exploiters, arm twisters, drugs, hospitals,  discotheques, politicians, spacious churches, unconcerned looks, smiles, formal communication,  Thank you saying crowds, people walking with hand held foods, honking vehicles( police, fire department and ambulances), people moving past you on speeding skates and what not.

 I saw churches engaged in food distribution to hungry, the Salvation Army volunteers making their presence felt and settled people exploring viable alternatives to move to a more better life.
The evening time breeze near the Hudson river soothes every person be he a resident or a migrant to this city of opportunities.

Why do the homeless and poor forming a part of the bruised humanity seek a  corner in your streets or parks or underground metro stations to sleep and pass one more night of agony?

 Answer New York.

I am adding a couplet of Moin Ahsan Jazbi to this post on New York..

Sarv o saman Bhi Mauj e naseem e Sehar Bhi Hai ,
Aey Gul Teray Chaman Mein Koyee chashme tar bhi hai...................... ..

In English I would say....

(  You have the Cypress and the Jasmine and  the wafting morning Breeze as well,
 O Flower ! Look around carefully ,  There sits a person with moist eyes in your garden  .)

( Avtar Mota )

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