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HARIHARA From Kashmir in Museen Dahlem  (Dahlem Museums)  Berlin, Germany.

(9th century Soap Stone Sculpture from Kashmir)

Many museums world over have  Harihara sculptures from various kingdoms of ancient and mediaeval India . Some Harihara sculptures from Kashmir can be seen in museums of USA and Germany. In  Museen Dahlem  (Dahlem Museums)  Berlin, Germany , there are some  sculptures  relating to ancient and mediaeval  Kashmir. A 9th century  soapstone sculpture of  Harihara  ( See Pic. 61 ) from Kashmir is worth mentioning.  Ancient and mediaeval Kashmir had a grand tradition of Shiva and Vishnu worship. Innumerable Shiva and Vishnu sculptures were created in stone and metals. In line with prevailing practice in the subcontinent at that time, Kashmiri sculptors also created single image of Shankara and Narayana  known as HARIHARA or Shankarnarayan . This suited the Vaishnavites and Shaivites of Kashmir .
Harihara was  generally shown and sculpted in standing position by presenting Shiva and Vishnu, into a single body. Harihara is a much worshipped god in entire southern and eastern parts of the country. Harihara sculpted images can be seen at some temples of Cambodia, Bali ,Java ,Nepal and Thailand.

( Avtar Mota )


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