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This is a priceless work of Nainsukh . Bathing men at Village Bauli ( Fresh water Spring).

The scene is near a village Bauli in hills possibly Guler. The village Bauli is occupied as some one is having a bath .A man is waiting for the bathing space to get free. Three Brahmins in their snanpats ( cloth like underwear tied to waist ) also arrive on the scene. One among the three prefers to use a Lota and have bath a little away from the Bauli. While being busy with his bath, he is very careful lest some falling mango hit him as his another companion has gone up a mango tree near the Bauli . The third from the group waits for the fruits and looks up towards the tree. That is how life goes in hills . That is how great Nainsukh paints. More than three renowned art critics of the world have written exhaustive commentry on this work.. I quote William Dalrymple :

" Nainsukh broke free from the formality of so much Indian court art to explore the quirks of human reality, stripping down courtly conventions to create miniatures full of living and breathing individuals. His characters are often portrayed somewhere on the outer boundary between portraiture and caricature, yet they are always sympathetically observed. Even in his large crowd scenes, there are no ‘stock’ figures: everyone—each page, each village beauty, each gardener—is shown in portrait form as a real person, complete with all their oddities. Nainsukh’s art is for many of his admirers a summation and climax of the Indian miniature tradition."

(Courtesy SUTRA Journal)

( Avtar Mota)

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