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There always comes a time in the lifespan of every intellectual when he feels choked. He feels he is not writing openly what he should say  about issues around him. Reasons could be many. Internal to him or external pressures. A selfish  compromise or timidity at his own leval or insensitivity and  ruthlessness of the  establishment . Compromise could be for pecuniary gains or  suitable  rewards in any shape .Should the intellectual go for a selfish compromise? Does he remain an intellectual if he stops observing his own mind?

To this thought ,I add Some excellent  lines  from a Gazal of urdu poet  Late Ahmed Faraaz on intellectual  "COMPROMISE or TIMIDITY............And as intellectual,  Faraaz never compromised

Hum se Kahein Kuchh Dost Hamaare Matt Likho .
Jaan  Agar  Pyaari  hai  Pyaare  Matt  Likho.
Woh  Likho Buss Jo Bhi Ameer e Shahar Kahey ,
Jo Kahtein Hain Dard Ke Maare Matt Likho .
Kuchh Aijaaz Raseeda Hum Se Kahtein Hain,
Apni Bayaaz Me Naam Hamaare Matt Likho.
Dil kehtaa hai khul kar sachi baat  likho,
Aur lafzon ke beech sitaare matt likho...

(Avtar Mota)
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