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                                       (  SANDHYA  ....OIL ON CANVAS  )

                                       ( FIRST SNOW FALL...OIL ON CANVAS  )

                                                (  MY VILLAGE   ....OIL ON CANVAS  )

                                                 ( STILL LIFE...OIL ON CANVAS  )
    (Portrait of Noted Sculptor Gayoor Hassan by  Zargar  Zahoor )


I thought i was looking at Claude Monet's work when i saw his paintings. His Landscape bring memories of Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro , Paul Cezanne and Auguste Renoir .These splendid landscape done with perfect artistic technique and individual style bring memories of so many Great masters of French impressionism.. These paintings look like musical Ragaas echoing from misty hills at sunset. or rain drenched dawn. They make you to walk through flower laden garden in twilight . 

Zargar Zahoor has added his own unique style to impressionism. His work demonstrates a technique for handling effects of light and Texture and a fascination for painting landscapes in diffused light and Fog . In some Landscapes, you find Bright sunlight dispersing on Large objects and entire  surroundings Creating Serene illusions .

About his work , noted Art critic Uma Nair writes:

“Each work comes with distinct and piquant illumination and yet no general light falls in any particular direction approaching the landscape in a spirit of tenderness and humility, he is the poet of ephemeral transience.” 

Landscape his principal output. His  landscapes depict the  serene post snow fall silence in valleys and mountains . You also find  , silent clouds  engulfing  hills, dusky sunsets, illuminated dawns  and feeble  murmer of brooks  from  his native land  kashmir.

Zargar zahoor is a kashmiri who's love for the valley is amply reflected in his landscapes. His work has buyers.

His mother Padamshri Maryam Begum (1974 awardee) was a Radio Artist from Kashmir known for the popular Radio program Zoon Dub. And it was Artist Bushan Koul who noticed talent in him and suggested that he be sent to Baroda. 

An alumnus ( Post Graduation in Graphic Designing ) of prestigious M S University Baroda and trained by masters like Ghulam Mohammad Sheikh, Jeram Patel and K.G. Subramanyan, Zargar has held many shows and exhibitions (Solos and Group) .He is Delhi based and was Dean of the Arts Faculty at Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi.

(Avtar Mota )

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