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  ( A song written by Shanta  Kaul composed and sung by Dalip Langoo) 
                   (Mrs. Shanta Kaul)       

                     (Mrs. Shanta Kaul)

( The happy days.......Shanta ji ,Pran Kishore ,their daughter and popular broadcaster Uma kKhosla (Niki Appa) .


She was the first woman broadcaster from kashmir.A poet, writer ,actor and Singer, Shanta ji was an amazing personality .  Married to Pran Kishore, writer, Painter and a pioneer of Radio Drama in our state, Shanta ji started her Radio journey in 1950. People remember her for Aap ki Farmaaish , Bachon ka program and many other programs. Her presentation style was at par with Mariyam Qazmi or Anzar Ahmed of AIR's Urdu service .  She would have touched newer heights in broadcasting had she moved  to AIR's National Scene.
If she was affectionate Apaa jaan of children's programme, she was Khatiji of Pushkar Bhan's Machama series of radio plays.

In 1950, she was the first woman actor to perform  on stage when she acted   in Prem Nath Pardesi's play Shaheed Sherwani .She was also associated with 'Shaair e Kashmir Mehjoor ' the first feature film in Kashmiri .

  Well Known Journalist  Mohammad Syed Malik writes :

"She was the Radio voice of her time. Consistent in her presentation qualities,  announcement, Stage show or drama. Together with Pranji, they made an ideal couple reflecting best of our culture." 

Shanta ji died at Pune in 2012 after a brief illness.
Peace be to her soul..

(Avtar Mota)

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