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     ( A yoga Advertisement in Metro News Paper published from Mabhattan)
                                 ( Morning Yoga Session in Bryant Park New York )
                                                                 ( Yoga Mat in a store )
     ( A popular Yoga Journal in US)
( KRIPALU....Another popular Yoga Magazine published  in USA)


In Malls and bigger stores, a yoga mat is a sought after item. Artists and creative people living in Chalsea near Manhattan High line can be seen busy in yoga sessions during morning hours. You have special Mass yoga sessions inside Bryant Park near Times Square NYC.Books on Yoga,  So many Yoga Periodicals and journals . Yoga dress and Genuine yoga teachers ;All in demand over here.

Yoga is a tool that unites Mind, Body, and breath. Previously it was practiced for spiritual gain but now it has become one of the most popular Mind and Body fitness necessity. 

I am told that there so many well known names in every field in America who swear by Yoga and never miss their morning Yoga session. This long list includes  Hollywood names like Demi Moore , Julia Roberts , Jeniffer Aniston, Madonna , Russel Brand , Brooke Shields, Nicole Kidman and many more .
I saw a Real Estate Advertisement for sale of Residential houses. There was a   specific mention of  Yoga and Meditation Room within the houses proposed to prospective buyers  .

I am told that so many Corporate CEOs start their day with a Morning Yoga session .

“ I begin in tadasana, or mountain pose, as I set my intention, and I end up in savasana, or corpse pose, allowing my mind and body to clear out from a period of extreme labor.And the amazing thing is that yoga ultimately delivers as advertised. Unlike any other activity in which I have participated, I never walk out of a class feeling anything less than great, and always a little more than curious about my practice, my business, my family and my life. Yoga allows me to carry both equanimity and enthusiasm through my days. Ultimately it has allowed me to be a more effective CEO by making me a happier, healthier and more mindful human being. And though I promise you will never find me in lotus pose chanting "Om" on my conference room table, I am an eminently more grateful CEO than I was before I started practicing yoga.”
Says Stanton Kawer CEO and chairman “Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide”in an Interview that i read.
So many institutions / Teachers charge fee to impart practical knowledge to ever increasing crowd of people who want to learn YOGA.

Yoga is being brought to schools in USA. A newspaper report informs:

" Thirty-six programs were identified that offer yoga in more than 940 schools across the United States, and more than 5400 instructors have been trained by these programs to offer yoga in educational settings."

A yoga teacher in a school told me:

" I feel so happy and proud to be yoga teacher in a school. I plan and execute yoga lessons for school children. It has proved of immense utility for overall development of the school children. It brings peace , positivity of thoughts and a strong fellow feeling and human bonding.
Since more than 50 years , Americans know what Yoga is ; But the arrival of yoga on a large scale may only point back to the 1960s . Yes when the ideas of Eastern Meditation and spiritualism were put to practice by the counterculture of the country.   Prior to that Yoga was selectively known . Now the media and information Technology has made every person to find what is best available for longevity and good health ."

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