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                                                        ( BAGELS )
                                                         ( BAGELS )
                                                            ( KASHMIRI TELVOR )
                                                   ( KASHMIRI TELVOR )


This is Bagel ;A variation of traditional kashmiri bakery item called Telvor. Very popular in USA. It has arrived in America with the Jewish immigrants . Believed to have been a breakfast item of Jewish community in Poland (Boiled and Baked Krakow Bagel) , it is made from yeasted wheat dough. Bagel must have a ring shape. 

Now you have Bagels with cinnamon ,sesame  seeds ( Til)  on top, Poppy  seeds (khas khaas) on top, dough mixed with all grains, dough mixed with eggs, Raisins, Dry garlic or onion pieces, and nuts . Common salt is also mixed with the dough to make Bagel taste salty.

I found everything Bagel the best variety. Slice it into two, fill up with cheese or salads or non veg and relish it with coffee or juices. It is complete breakfast over here. A Bagel costs something around two dollars in a Deli or restaurant. It could be a little cheaper if you buy direct from bakery shops . You have so many shops selling only Bagels. Shops with "Kosher" word written boldly on outer signboard indicates that Bagel is prepared by them strictly as per jewish food standards.

A Bagel seller in Manhattan told me :

"Bagel has survived many centuries because of many reason and primarily because of the boiling before Baking . Boiling gives it an external sheen and protective cover and it can last longer than any Bread . My Grand father has told me that Bagel has been in new York even prior to 1925 A.D . So many Bakeries at that point of time sold Bagels. The addition of cream cheese spread over Bagel is something that we innovated over here .Now Bagels are everywhere . Even Coffee outlets like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks and many others sell Bagels . Here bagel is loved as a Bun ; Cheap and Nutritious. "

Kashmiri Telvor is also made from Yeasted wheat flour and has a sprinkling of sesame seeds over it. It is not boiled but baked only . It has a whole at its centre , which , quite often, gets filled up in the baking Process. It is consumed with Tea . and topped with Butter .

For those who believe in Jewish and kashmiri link , Bagel ( Believed to have been eaten by ancient Egyptians and Romans as well ) could be another tool for them since kashmiri Bakery Telvor and Bagel are almost identical.

 I don't believe that there is any verifiable , historical or other evidence for this theory even if some writers also  believe so . 

According to Dr Shashi Shekhar Toshkhani Linguist and Scholar:

“Joo” is an honorific word used throughout the Hindi-speaking belt to express regard or affection for a person the same as Ji. Braj Bhasha poetry is replete with its use. In Kashmiri also, it was used for the same purpose. It has nothing to do with the word “Jew”. The word Kosher means food prepared according to the rules of the Jewish law. It has no relation with “Koshur”. Koshur means a person belonging to Kashmir and the etymology of the Hebrew word Kosher is in no way linked to it. Phonetically too the words “Kosher” and “Koshur” are quite different— the basic word in the latter case being “Kashir”. Kashmiri, it must be emphasized, has descended from vedic sanskrit through Prakrit and Apabhramsha . It has no links with Hebrew . Chance Resemblances of sounds of some stray Vocables belonging to totally Unrelated word stocks do not in any way indicate affiliation with any Language or Linguistic Group "

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