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And finally located Cranberry Beans or Farash Beans or Thoola Razmaah in New york. In kashmir, This fleshy , good looking and delicious variety of beans would arrive in markets during late summers.Every family loved to cook this stuff.

  • I am not sure when and how these beans have come to kashmir. Possibly like Potato , some European brought them to India and finally to kashmir. Climatically , kashmir proved ideal place . Kashmiris too accepted these beans wholeheartedly .They named them THOOLA RAZMAAH or the beans that look like Eggs . Post 1990, these beans traveled to Jammu for consumption of displaced kashmiri Pandit population. Presently these are grown in many hilly areas of Jammu including Batote Kud, and many villages adjoining Bhaderwah ,Kishtwar and Doda towns  of J&K State .

Today , In New york, we Bought this stuff for something around $3 per pound or roughly half kg. They were farm fresh. You get cooked and tin packed as well. You get raw fresh frozen as well. They come in variety . Mexican restaurants serve this delicacy. At Mexican restaurants, Cranberry beans are simmered with onion, tomatoes, chili powder, cumin and garlic. Simply mouth watering.

I was informed that these beans were first grown in Colombia. I was also informed that these beans
arrive in market sometime during  late summers and can be seen till  Fall or Autumn season.

Americans also love these  beans. Also known as Borlotti, Americans make tasty soups or stews of these beans . They also cook these beans with olive oil and herbs preparing a  dish for Lunch or Dinner. So does every kashmiri relish cranberry beans dish prepared in mustard oil with tomatoes, potatoes and other Indian spices.

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